BestMark performs thousands of mystery shops across the province of Nova Scotia for a client list that includes restaurants, retail stores, casinos, automotive dealerships, financial institutions, hotels and resorts and more. In order to continually provide a fresh perspective for our clients, BestMark screens mystery shopper applicants on an ongoing basis. We encourage you to sign up to become a secret shopper in Nova Scotia - it's a great way for you to make additional income while providing invaluable feedback that will help leading companies to improve their level of customer service.

Nova Scotia mystery shopper application

Mystery Shopper Jobs in Nova Scotia

An exciting variety of mystery shops across many different industries are available around the following Nova Scotia cities.

Antigonish, NSEastern Passage, NSLower South River, NSRiver Ryan, NS
Auburndale, NSGardiner Mines, NSLunenburg, NSRiverport, NS
Baker Settlement, NSGlace Bay, NSMahone Bay, NSScotchtown, NS
Bedford, NSGrand Lake Road, NSMarion Bridge, NSShearwater, NS
Bickerton West, NSHalifax, NSMill Village, NSSheet Harbour, NS
Blockhouse, NSHead Of Jeddore, NSMira Road, NSSherbrooke, NS
Blue Mountain., NSHebbs Cross, NSMolega Lake, NSSouth Bar, NS
Branch Lahave, NSHebbville, NSMontague Gold Mines, NSSouth Lochaber, NS
Bridgewater, NSHighbury, NSMooseland, NSSt Joseph, NS
Brooklyn, NSHubbards, NSMoser River, NSSteam Mill, NS
Canaan., NSIndian Path, NSMusquodoboit Harbour, NSSydney, NS
Cherry Brook, NSItaly Cross, NSNew Minas, NSTancook Island, NS
Chester, NSJeddore Oyster Ponds, NSNew Ross, NSTangier, NS
Chester Basin, NSKentville, NSNew Waterford, NSTimberlea, NS
Coldbrook, NSLaconia, NSNewcombville, NSVictoria Mines, NS
Cole Harbour, NSLake Loon, NSNorth Alton, NSWaverley, NS
Conquerall Bank, NSLakeside, NSNorth Kentville, NSWest Clifford, NS
Conquerall Mills, NSLakeview, NSNorth Preston, NSWest Northfield, NS
Cookville, NSLingan, NSOakhill, NSWestphal, NS
Crousetown, NSLiscomb, NSPetite Riviere, NSWhynotts Settlement, NS
Dartmouth, NSLouisbourg, NSPine Grove, NSWileville, NS
Dayspring, NSLower Branch, NSReserve Mines, NSWolfville, NS
Dominion, NSLower Sackville, NSRhodes Corner, NSYarmouth, NS

*Note on Nova Scotia Mystery Shop Opportunities

Shopping opportunities are being constantly updated and the above may only reflect a partial list of our mystery shops in Nova Scotia. To explore all shopping opportunities in your area, please complete the shopper application or login to your shopper account and click “Search for Open Shops” on the left side of the Shopper Main Menu.

If you have already registered but no longer know your account information, simply call 1-800-969-8477 to speak with one of our Nova Scotia Regional Coordinators. Business hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00AM-8:00PM, Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM, and 9:00AM-1:00PM Sat-Sun (CT)