Web and Mobile Survey Development Services

Your Market Research Program's Success Starts with an Effective Survey

How It Works

BestMark specializes in developing surveys that help you capture the right information you seek from target audiences, in the right places, at the right times.

Together, we’ll determine your market research objectives, then customize surveys to help meet your needs, whether you require:

  • In-depth surveys designed for laptop, tablet and/or desktop devices (that are too robust for mobile devices)
  • Real-time, on-the-spot surveys designed for mobile devices
  • Short surveys designed for SMS text message delivery
  • Phone surveys that use interactive voice response (IVR)

Program Benefits

The meaningful surveys we develop with you make it possible for you to:

  • Design questions that minimize response bias
  • Isolate sources of loyalty and dissatisfaction
  • Determine when to use in-the-moment mobile data versus after-the-fact responses
  • Understand when detailed narrative is — and isn’t — necessary to save time and expense

Additional Capabilities

  • Standard entry types: short text, single-response, multiple-response, numeric, date, time, grid, along with controls to improve entry experiences on mobile devices
  • Audio, photo and video questions
  • Geo-tagging of responses to ensure surveys are in fact performed on-site
  • Advanced branching rules to ensure only relevant questions are displayed
  • Advanced scripting to allow custom calculations, outputs and scoring
  • Robust data validation, along with custom and automated scoring checks to detect inconsistencies
  • Full narrative reviewed by skilled quality editors for consistency and grammar (optionally reviewed by artificial intelligence systems for sentiment analysis)
  • Ability for managers you designate to review, sign off, and/or edit copies of completed surveys
  • Integration of department, position and staff data
  • Off-line data entry to ensure results are not lost if a user loses internet connectivity
  • Generation rules to customize survey questions by location and other factors
  • Action plans to ensure follow-up on issues
  • Pass/fail functionality based upon scores or critical-question responses
  • Custom alerts
  • Optional re-shop programs that trigger an additional shop to verify improvements
  • Recorded phone call shops

Imagine the Possibilities

Partner with BestMark to develop the types of market research surveys you require to gain valuable insights, improve performance and positively impact your bottom line.