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Keeping Black Friday shoppers around all year

Turn new Black Friday Shoppers into loyal customers.

'Tis the season for mystery shopping

Mystery shoppers can make your holiday shopping season more profitable. 

3 ways mystery shoppers can benefit boutique retailers

Here's how mystery shoppers can benefit boutique retailers.

How to attract more women to your retail store

Here are some tips for the trade to help your business attract female customers

Mystery shop your groceries

Mystery shopping in grocery stores is becoming more popular.

Mystery shoppers can ensure in-store technology works its magic

Retailers are differentiating themselves through in-store technology aimed at enhancing customers' experiences.

Why employees are brand ambassadors

Employees who aren't fully invested in their job will fail to provide the utmost in customer service and satisfaction, which is why mystery shopping services are so integral to the performance of retailers and merchants.

Mystery shoppers can help retailers personalize the buyer experience

In today's increasingly competitive economy, businesses cannot afford to provide less than stellar experiences for their customers.

Why companies should work with mystery shoppers

Businesses across all industries are often on the lookout for ways to improve their customer service, enhance their product quality and boost sales.

Boosting the retail experience through mystery shopping

Customer experience is a key part of retaining shoppers from one visit to the next.

Mystery shopping grocery stores

Mystery shopping grocery stores is a very lucrative business for both the shopper and the business.

Sharpening your observation

Increasing your observational skills will definitely pay off as you become more involved in the world of mystery shopping.

The right time to hire a mystery shopper at a retailer or restaurant

There is a reason the service sector goes by that name: The emphasis is on serving others.

Current retail trends that may impact mystery shopping jobs

Mystery shoppers should keep abreast of current trends in the retail industry.

Using mystery shoppers for compliance laws

You may think that mystery shoppers can only help you improve customer service and the quality of your business.

How hospitality industry businesses can improve mystery shopping programs

The hospitality industry utilizes the services of mystery shoppers perhaps more than any other sector.

Sensory details are important to excellent customer experiences

Mystery shoppers should prepare for an influx in assignments asking for reports on the unique experience a store offers to customers.

Mystery shoppers can help keep in person purchases popular

In an age of online shopping, the in-person experience may be the key to a business' success.

Mobile mystery shoppers could be next big thing

Mystery shoppers should be on the lookout for job opportunities in the mobile and tablet shopping world.

With more click-to-brick retailers, mystery shoppers key to service

As more e-retailers move into physical storefronts, there will likely be a need for mystery shoppers to analyze the performance of staff, cleanliness and other in-store metrics that influence the way shoppers feel about a company.

Giving the people what they want with mystery shopping

Clothing retailers that want to be the best in the industry will likely look to see what their competitors are doing. Asking mystery shoppers to ensure everything is falling into place is another option that will lead to a much better chance of good customer service and positive sales.

Help companies improve customer service

Mystery shopping can be a great way to earn some extra dollars, but it may also be a great way for regular people to help start a sea change for better customer service within retailers.

What is it like to be a mystery shopper?

Many people hear about mystery shopping, but not everyone truly knows what it is like to complete an assignment. Grace Koelma of spoke with mystery shoppers to debunk some popular myths and see what their work is like.

What is mystery shopping and why is it necessary?

People looking into becoming a mystery shopper may wonder why this practice is necessary. Making money is great, but it's always good to know the root of why a retail business or restaurant needs mystery shopping in the first place.

Mobile technology driving retail trends

Mobile technology is making a widespread impact across sectors.

Big box stores changing strategy to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty

Big Box stores have been known for low prices and convenience, but less often for their customer service.

Brick-and-mortar stores need technology-service balance to compete with ecommerce

Some nervous retailers have worried that competition from ecommerce could push them off the high street, but a recent survey shows that may not be the case.

Big box retailers missing the mark of customer experience

Businesses are becoming aware of the increasing importance of customer experience management.

Companies turn to mobile to reach ever-connected customers

Consumers are continually turning to ecommerce instead of going to brick-and-mortar stores, and choosing to voice their complaints and compliments via social networks rather than call centers.

How retail stores can stop showrooming

Retail stores have recently become concerned about losing sales to a practice known as showrooming.

Grocery stores blend new and old customers service strategies

To meet the needs of today's connected consumers, grocery stores are blending elements of new and old customer service strategies.

J.C. Penney fair and square pricing plan leaves questions about loyalty

After J.C. Penney acquired Ron Johnson, Apple's retail business leader as its new CEO, the company launched a new pricing campaign called Fair and Square.

In-store messaging can interfere with brand loyalty

Customers who make lists before they go shopping as a tool for staying on budget may still be susceptible to impulse purchases when they receive in-store messaging.

Earning customer loyalty the Ritz-Carlton way

Companies that want to rank high in customer satisfaction and loyalty know to look no further than well-established hospitality brands, such as luxury hotel-chain Ritz-Carlton.

The importance of live chat for customer service

Additionally, it wanted to ensure clients had the same high-quality experience using all of the store's channels, especially as online shopping gained popularity.

Consumers rank best and worst grocery stores

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are high for grocery chains Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Publix and Fareway, according to a recent study by Consumer Reports.

Mobile strategy key to brand survival in digital age

Brands that want to survive evolving consumer trends, which focus more on digital channels both inside and out of brick-and-mortar stores, are facing what Retail Customer Experience calls "digital Darwinism."

Companies not using social channels to their best advantage

Despite the advantages social media offers companies for communication with clients, many are still not leveraging the channel to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Retailers invest in technology to inspire customer satisfaction and loyalty

In an economic environment where consumers can turn to online shopping for competitive pricing, scroll through vast inventories and enjoy the convenience of direct warehouse-to-door shipping, retailers are adapting traditional business models to compete.

Banks, retailers don't necessarily lose loyalty after security breach

Retailers and banks may not necessarily lose loyalty if customers fall victim to identity theft or credit card fraud, according to a study by Cardbeat and published by Auriemma Consulting Group.

Barnes and Noble earns Customer Service Champion Award

J.D. Power and Associates recently announced Barnes and Noble as one of 50 winners of the 2012 Customer Service Champion Award.

Sears' rescue plan includes technology to improve customer service

Sears has a plan to rescue the company's sinking revenue and inspire customer service and loyalty.

Retailers can improve customer loyalty with big data

The ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of consumer data can help companies develop more effective service efforts and retain customers.

Mobile deals beat brand loyalty, study shows

Younger consumers are likely to forgo brand preferences if they receive a better deal for a competitor's product while they are in stores, according to a study by AisleBuyer.

Gerber revamps ecommerce efforts to meet needs of evolving clientele

Gerber, the trusted children's company, recently announced that it's revamping online efforts to better meet the needs of its customers.

Study finds home improvement shoppers not loyal

Home improvement stores could benefit from developing relationships with shoppers that could improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, since a new study by The Integer Group and Decision Analyst finds that most are not loyal.

Demographic targeting key to airport retail

Retailers are diversifying their customer experience management environments and strategies, offering consumers smaller shops and more options.

Consumers over 55 aren't happy with retail stores

Shoppers over the age of 55 are having a harder time finding items in retail stores, a recent report by Aldata shows, and the frustration from navigating shelves could lead to lower sentiments about customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Retailers can use smartphones to improve customer service

Mobile technology that allows customers to research and purchase products online might not actually be an enemy to brick-and-mortar stores, according to Retail Customer Experience

Bloomingdale's launches new program to encourage customer loyalty

Bloomingdale's is engaging in a new program that encourages customer satisfaction and loyalty with no strings attached.

Most loyalty programs don't keep customers coming back

Emerging studies show that initially attractive loyalty programs won't keep customers coming back if retailers don't offer them significant benefits.

Mary Kay cosmetics among top 20 brands that delight customers

For the second year in a row, Mary Kay was listed among brands that delight customers, according to a Brand Keys study.

NYC cabs could offer better customer service with new credit card processing

A change up in taxi cab payment processing vendors could provide better customer service to drivers and riders

How ecommerce stores can improve the customer experience

Ecommerce retailers can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing users with the best online shopping experience

Using social media to improve customer service

Businesses can use reviews, comments and criticism to ensure they're meeting customers' needs, or fixing what isn't working.

Study shows customer satisfaction a main driver of retail sales

According to the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), retailers with better customer service report higher sales.

Customer experience can be improved with mobile payment methods

Retail businesses might be losing out on sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty because they aren't offering customers the most efficient payment method, according to a new study by Aislebuyer.

Retailer goes tech-savvy with digital employee

While retailers have taken great pains to keep up with technology trends in customer experience management, it may be growing increasingly difficult as technology becomes ever more complex.

Neiman Marcus improving customer service online

To improve online customer satisfaction and loyalty, high-end retailer Neiman Marcus has invested in a service that provides customers with personalized recommendations.

Travelocity scores high for customer satisfaction

Travelocity scores higher than competitors for customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to survey released by the 2011 American Customer Service Index (ACSI).

Visa has best customer sentiment ranking of card brands

Visa secured the top spot for best-liked credit card, according to a report on the Netbase Brand Passion Index.

Survey reveals which grocers score the highest in customer satisfaction

Publix earned the highest rating for customer satisfaction and loyalty among grocers in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for 2011. The index surveys 20,000 customers and ranks 225 companies across 47 different industries.

Company launches loyalty program aimed at money trashers

If you've ever visited a CVS/Pharmacy, you've likely encountered one of its trademarks - the unnaturally long receipt.

President of Office Depot has mystery shopping experience

A few months ago, Office Depot's sales were declining at a more rapid pace than its competitors.

January sees four-month high in retail sales

In January, retailers leveraged customer satisfaction and loyalty to boost business and sales, resulting in higher returns for the month.

Contractors prefer big box retailers over distributors

Big box retailers are showing their diversity - attracting both consumers and professional companies thanks to effective customer experience management.

Dressing rooms get customized treatment

Some retailers, searching for a way to improve the customer experience, have decided to address the sometimes neglected dressing room area, the Record reports.

Study: Retailers making sites more user-friendly

More internet retailers than ever before are improving their online tactics, according to a mystery shopping study from the E-Tailing Group, Internet Retailer reports.

Research investigates how financial institutions can use social media to 'speak' with consumers

In an effort to reach out to a wider range of consumers in a more personal fashion, many businesses are taking to social media to aid in customer experience management.

Mobile coupon redemption rates to hit 8 percent by 2016

Retail software and store operations are constantly adopting, implementing and accommodating new technologies.

Study: Kohl's has tightest relationship with customers

Kohl's trumped four other mid-tier department stores in Harris Interactive's recent Harris Poll, which used customer satisfaction research to rank retailers based on relationship metrics.

GUESS utilizes iPad functionality to improve customer service

Clothing company GUESS has decided to deploy iPads in its stores to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, following a growing trend of retailers that are utilizing the Apple product for customer service purposes.

Mobile coupons help brick-and-mortar retailers compete with ecommerce

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a requisite way for any brick-and-mortar retailer to improve its customer satisfaction management.

Retention more important than acquisition

There is a shift among retailers in the attributes they look for in new employees, Internet Retailer reports.

Study: Netflix falls, Amazon rises in annual satisfaction poll

Recent customer satisfaction research from analytics company ForeSee revealed that Netflix's inability to read its customer base led to a substantial decline in consumer happiness.

Retailers need to strike respectful balance with point-of-sale research questions

One technique retailers have adopted in an effort to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with their products and services is offering help and perks.

Mobile technologies improve customer satisfaction and loyalty at Barney's

According to the recent Motorola Solutions' annual Holiday Shopping Survey, three in four retail managers said they provide better customer service when equipped with the latest mobile technologies.

Retail customer service simpler than it sounds

AT&T's retail customer service scores are the highest in the wireless industry, and there aren't any fancy tricks of the trade that employees are using to deliver such positive results.

Without a hit holiday toy, retailers strategize

Years ago it was the Tickle Me Elmo, later on it was a batch of Furbies that sent holiday shoppers in to a frenzy.

Study looks at retailers' webpage efficiency

A recent survey from Compuware analyzed the technical aspects of retailers' websites over the Black Friday weekend, and offered tips on how they can improve.

Survey finds some retailers lack customer service

Many companies view Facebook as a marketing channel rather than a customer service channel, according to a recent survey from social media interaction improvement company Conversocial.

Small gestures equal big gains during holidays

During the holiday shopping rush, it's the little things that retail employees do that create return consumers and increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction and loyalty, Retail Customer Experience reports.

Retailers can improve customer experience via text message

Many retailers are working with budgetary restrictions this holiday season, according to the New York Times.

Rising holiday ecommerce figures put pressure on retailers

While in-store displays, face-to-face interactions and retail atmosphere are all important to customer satisfaction management, a recent report suggests that retailers will increasingly need to adapt these approaches to the online sphere.

Study: Businesses not upselling with authority

According to a recent Skillsmart Retail mystery shopping survey of more than 800 independent retailers, many proved that they are missing an opportunity to upsell.

Study: Empty shelves result in loyalty loss

A recent poll from Galleria Retail Technology Solutions revealed customer opinions regarding retail shortcomings during the holiday season.

Location-based app used at Apple store

An Apple Store in Palo Alto, California, recently took customer experience to new levels with help from an iPhone app, The New York Times reports.

The repercussions of poor customer service

A September study published in the Journal of Service Research revealed that around 33 percent of respondents were treated rudely by an employee at least once per month, ScienceDaily reports.

Businesses acknowledge customer satisfaction across all sectors

According to a recent Manufacturing Insights study of 800 companies, more than 70 percent reported that their most important business objective was to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, Spend Matters reports.

Retail customer service ranked by consumers

The seventh annual NRF Foundation/American Express Customers' Choice survey has recognized retailers that provided the best customer service over the course of the year.

Cash-strapped consumers focusing limited cash on valuable gifts this holiday season

Because consumers are facing tighter spending budgets this holiday shopping season, many plan to spend what cash they do have toward fewer, more valuable gifts, suggests a new report from the National Retail Federation.

Discounted products now the norm, expected among shoppers

The ubiquity of in-store deals and discounted products has inured consumers to the excitement of the shopping experience, according to a new report from Deloitte and the Harrison Group.

Consumers relying less on credit for grocery purchases

Grocery shoppers have largely maintained their spending habits in recent months, but shifts in market conditions and payment trends have altered their service demands and expectations.

Consumers trying new fashion retailers in spite of weak economy

Fashion is not exactly a recession-proof industry, but consumers at least appear willing to try new brands and outlets during difficult economic times.

Online retail continues strong monthly growth

Small retailers may want to consider augmenting their in-store offerings with an ecommerce presence, as online shopping continues to rake in sales amid a generally unenthusiastic market.

Online retailers need to prepare for 'Peak Week'

Retailers and ecommerce providers looking to take advantage of heightened sales activity this holiday shopping season should take a look at where and when consumers are flocking online.

Mothers points to the future of shopping

With the holiday shopping season nearly underway, it may be a good time to take a look at the how market trends are affecting the most active shoppers: mothers.

Prepare for the holiday season by noting key shopping dates

Companies have already begun prepping their marketing, pricing, customer service and inventory strategies for the coming holiday shopping season.

Retail executives fairly optimistic about sales growth

The retail sector may be more optimistic about business conditions than other markets, as new research shows substantial confidence in sales projections among leading industry executives.

Popular worldwide, online shopping shows varying market preferences

As sensational a global trend as ecommerce and online retail may be, there are a number of key distinctions among markets worldwide.

Some U.S. cities considering ban on plastic shopping bags

A number of U.S. cities are considering a ban on plastic shopping bags, as they are seen by many officials as wasteful to the environment and a costly burden to waste disposal organizations.

Retail CFOs split over inventory management this holiday season

Retail executives are split over whether an under-supply or an over-abundance of inventory would be worse for a company's bottom line this holiday shopping season.

U.S. consumers to be 'careful' this holiday shopping season

As Americans reel from a tepid economic recovery rife with unemployment, uncertainty and consumer debt, it's no surprise that they are looking to be more frugal and careful with their spending this holiday shopping season.

Canadians use grocery flyers in wake of recession

Grocery store flyers and circulars are used by consumers throughout the U.S. and Canada to research deals and savings for weekly shopping trips.

When do shoppers make a purchase decision?

When do shoppers make their final decision over a purchase?

Many retailers in the U.S. and Europe not ready for mobile commerce

Most experts agree: Mobile shopping and payment technologies will be ubiquitous within a few years.

In Europe, Men gravitate to online shopping more than women

There's a stereotype that women love to shop. While some studies have shown that they spend more on certain items than men, when it comes to online shopping, men may take the cake.