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3 things mystery shoppers should look for this season

Mystery shoppers can help retailers improve their holiday business.

Mystery shoppers can help shape the layout of your grocery store

Plotting out the layout and product positioning of your store involves a lot of different factors,  and using mystery shopping services can help.

5 things to consider before becoming a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is a great gig if you're looking to earn some extra cash. However, there are a few aspects of the job you should take into consideration before signing on the dotted line.

Mystery shopping theme parks

Here are six things mystery shoppers will look for at a theme park.

Mystery shopping funeral homes

Mystery shopping services can help you pick a funeral home.

Mystery shopping gyms

Here are six things to look at when choosing a gym.

Mystery shop golf courses

Here's what to look for in a private golf course.

Vacation as a mystery shopper

Try looking into mystery shopping to save you on your next vacation.

Make gift money this holiday season as a mystery shopper

Make some extra spending money for the holidays by becoming a mystery shopper.

Things to look for when mystery shopping for a physician

Here are a few things mystery shoppers should look out for when reviewing physicians.

Choosing the right mystery shopper

Make sure you take your time in choosing a mystery shopping company.

Senior citizens and mystery shopping: A great combination

Here's why you should look into becoming a secret shopper if you're as a senior citizen.

All about mystery shopping assignment venues

Here is the lowdown on different mystery shopping venues and what to expect.

Memory tips for mystery shoppers

Here are some memorization techniques that can help you as a secret shopper.

Writing the best mystery report

Here are some ways to write the best secret shopping report.

Mystery shopping venues

Here are some examples of venues you may work in as a mystery shopper.

Tips for staying on task while mystery shopping

Here are some tips for staying on task as mystery shopper.

How students can benefit from mystery shopping

Here are some ways students can benefit from working as a mystery shopper.

Organization as a mystery shopper

Here are some ways to ensure organization as a mystery shopper.

Mystery shopping a good fit for stay-at-home moms

Here is what you need to know about mystery shopping and why it could be great for you and your family.

What to look for on an auto service mystery shop

The auto industry is a great one for mystery shoppers because there are so many different aspects of it.

Back to school means more mystery shopping

According to the National Retail Federation, the average amount of money spent during back to school has gone up 40 percent in the last 10 years.

5 things to include in a restaurant mystery shopping report

Mystery shopping a restaurant can be a delicious and fun experience, but if you're report writing skills aren't up to snuff, you could miss out on the meal reimbursement.

Mystery shopping reimbursements

While mystery shopping jobs can be a profitable and fun way of making some cash, you usually have to make purchases to do so, however, most of the time you'll be reimbursed.

Jobs mystery shoppers should avoid

There are a lot of scams out there, and in order to be able to spot them, you need to be aware of the signs that will alert you to a job posting not being what it seems.

Project management for mystery shoppers

If you're taking on a large number of mystery shopping jobs, you need to develop a way to manage all of your projects.

Mystery shop your way cross-country

Mystery shoppers can enjoy vacation and get work done. 

Use a smartphone while mystery shopping

Smartphones complement the mystery shopping experience.

Creating a mystery shopping persona

Part of mystery shopping is being a convincing actor.

Mystery shopping in big cities and small towns

Mystery shopping can be done anywhere, but obviously there will be more jobs wherever there are more businesses.

Techniques to use if you get nervous on a mystery shopping job

Although mystery shopping should be a fun and easy way to make money, some people find that keeping their cover can make them nervous.

Mystery shopping for stay-at-home moms: How to handle the kids and the gigs

For stay at home moms, mystery shopping can be a productive way of making some extra cash while still handling everything at home.

Dream mystery shopping jobs

When you first start out working as a mystery shopper, you're probably not going to land your dream job.

How to start making more money mystery shopping

If you've only had a few mystery shopping jobs, chances are you haven't made much money.

How to write a good mystery shopper report

Perhaps the most important part of any mystery shopping job is the report that you turn into the client at the end.

Mystery shopping: tools of the trade

One of the reasons mystery shopping is such a good job is that you probably don't have to purchase any tools to get started.

Why mystery shopping is important for business

Every year thousands of companies pay mystery shoppers to go into their stores and conduct secret shops to help the company get better at what it does.

Good mystery shopping jobs for seniors

Seniors are some of the best mystery shoppers out there, but choosing the right mystery shopping jobs is important if you want to do your job well.

Skills and characteristics of good mystery shoppers

Mystery shoppers need to be good at a few different things in order to be successful. 

Managing your mystery shopping jobs

Depending on how many mystery shopping jobs you take on, and the other jobs and activities you have, managing everything can be tough.

Make money mystery shopping as a student

It can be difficult to make money while in school.

The car buying experience is shifting

According to a study conducted by, the car buying experience should see some major changes in the next couple years.

Keys to secret shopping at a hotel

Here are some factors to considering when looking at a hotel from a mystery shopping perspective.

Secret shopping in tandem

Mystery shopping is an activity usually done alone, but it can also be done with a partner.

Expense reports for secret shopper jobs

Before moving on to your next mystery shopping assignment, make sure to file an expense report.

Secret shopping at the blackjack table

Mystery shopping at a casino can be a lot like the games played in one. There may be a great reward at the end, but it is also high in risk.

Mystery shopping at the gym

Health clubs and fitness centers have plenty of aspects that would benefit from mystery shopping.

Finding time for mystery shopping

Mystery shopping can be the perfect secondary job for a busy person looking to make some money on the side.

Using your smartphone in mystery shopping

There are plenty of ways your regular, everyday mobile device can come in handy when mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping in movie theaters

If you're a fan of movies, you may have found yourself a way to get paid to go and see them. And it's not by being a film critic,

Catch these mystery shopping scams

There are ways to see when a potential mystery shopping opportunity is a scam. Try to catch them, if you can.

Memorial Day mystery shopping

An activity that's become popular on Memorial Day is taking advantage of the sales that are hosted by a variety of stores.

Mystery shoppers can help stores find the best retail technology solutions

Many companies are currently in the process of upgrading their retail technology to stay on top of current and emerging trends.

Finding a mystery shopping specialty

Given the wide variety of mystery shopping jobs you can choose from, you have the choice to to make any of them your specialty or become a jack-of-all-trades with a respectable amount of knowledge in each.

Filing taxes as a mystery shopper

The deadline for filing 2014 s taxes is around the corner

Making and keeping your cover as a mystery shopper

You may find the need to come up with a cover identity that you can provide at a moment's notice. A good cover identity can be the difference between a successful job and a botched assignment.

Mystery shopping on vacation

Whether mystery shopping is a hobby or a main source of income, one of the best things about it is that you can do it almost anywhere.

Recording your mystery shopping visits: convenient or illegal?

It's not surprising that some mystery shoppers look to covert audio or video recording as a means to better handle the experience.

Mystery shopping at events

People may not realize that public events can benefit from mystery shopping just as much as any industry.

Is there room in mystery shopping for senior citizens?

Working as a mystery shopper could be a great way to gain some extra income while still having enough time to enjoy retirement.

Pros and cons of mystery shopping with a friend

When picking up a new mystery shopping assignment, especially if it's one of your first, you may not want to go in alone.

Mystery riding on public transit

Here's another interesting thing you can add to the list of unique job assignments that mystery shoppers come across - mystery rider.

Treat mystery shopping like spy work

While looking for mystery shopping assignments, you'll often come across some that require you to maintain a high level of discretion to get the best results.

4 things mystery shoppers should never leave home without

Mystery shoppers can only prepare so much for each shop they accept.

Maintaining a solid work-life balance as a mystery shopper

People still have difficulty of dividing their time between the duties in whatever place they call their office and being able to relax at home or out on the town.

Gym memberships and the world of mystery shopping

Many gyms use mystery shoppers to investigate how to improve the conversion process.

LinkedIn mystery shopping scams and how to report them

Mystery shopping is an exciting, unique way to make money.

It's a great time to be a mystery shopper

Right now, it is a great time to be a mystery shopper.

How to conduct a phone shop for a bank

If you're ready to try your hand at racking up mystery shopping income through several quick assignments, consider making bank phone calls.

Mystery shopping in your pajamas: The phone assignment

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is solid advice for anyone who wants mystery shopping to be more than a side job.

Writing the report: When your grammar knowledge doesn't match your editor's

While mystery shopping is a fun endeavor, you also know that it entails some work.

Sticky question: Why are you renting a local hotel room?

As a mystery shopper, you're already used to business owners being on the lookout for you.

Tailoring mystery shopping questionnaires to business needs

Boosting sales, fine-tuning the customer experience and bolstering employee morale are all excellent benefits that result from businesses employing mystery shoppers.

Handling tricky situations as a mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers are charged with many tasks on each assignment.

Improving your writing as a mystery shopper

While being a mystery shopper doesn't automatically make you a professional writer, your writing skills should not be amateur.

The funeral and cemetery mystery shop

Here's a unique assignment shoppers may not have heard of: funeral homes and cemeteries.

Secret apartment shopping

The more mystery shopping you do, the more you'll realize how vast the opportunities are.

Budget for your mystery shops

Mystery shopping is a resourceful way to make ends meet.

Undercover at the airport

Within the hustle and bustle of an airport lies a treasure trove of eateries, shops and specialty kiosks.

The fine dining mystery shop

Congratulations: you've landed that coveted fine dining assignment.

More ways to keep your mystery shopping cover

If you're new to mystery shopping, you might be more than a little nervous about keeping your cover.

Why should I be a mystery shopper?

Being a mystery shopper is a great experience.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Contrary to popular opinion, not all mystery shopping requires someone to go somewhere outside his or her home.

Building up your writing skills

In the end, no matter how great a job you did at mystery shopping, it won't come through if you don't write a truly excellent and thorough report.

Maintaining your cover as a mystery shopper

Although blowing one's cover is something that probably happens to every mystery shopper once during a long career, it's easier than someone might think to keep one's identity a secret.

Overcoming shop fright

There's no doubt about it. Being a mystery shopper is rather like being inside a play.

Running your mystery shopping assignments like a business

Mystery shopping may not be your only way of making a living, but it is certainly a business.

Becoming a mystery shopper

There's a lot of mystique centered around mystery shopping.

Boosting your writing skills

No matter how many careful observations you make as a mystery shopper, none of that will come through to the people that hired you if you don't write it down.

Planning your mystery shopping downtime

Unlike traditional work, mystery shopping is the kind of job that comes in seasons, according to Wise Bread.

Memory tips to improve mystery shopping reports

Mystery shoppers have the responsibility to recall specific details during their workdays.

Beware of mystery shopping scams this holiday season

The holiday season brings an influx of job opportunities for mystery shoppers, but not without its drawbacks.

Tips for working well with schedulers

Working with schedulers as a mystery shopper takes a professional approach and clear communication.

Mystery shopping is a great activity for retirees

Mystery shopping is a great way for senior citizens and those thinking about retirement to stay active and make extra money.

Tips for introverted mystery shoppers

Mystery shopping can be intimidating for people who consider themselves introverted or shy.

Mystery shopping skills valuable to any profession

While mystery shopping certainly helps improve operations for the businesses receiving reports, it also builds strong professional and personal skills for the shoppers themselves.

Money saving tips for mystery shoppers

Saving money and planning for retirement is important, and the earlier you start the more prepared you will be.

Creating the ideal mystery shopper work week

One of the main benefits of being a mystery shopper is that you can work at your own schedule.

Mystery shopping tips for a busy holiday season

The holiday season presents a unique set of challenges to mystery shoppers.

Making the most of your expense reimbursements

In mystery shopping, there's certainly some joy in being able to do what you love most and help stores do better.

Making sure you get paid as a mystery shopper

Being a mystery shopper can be a liberating experience.

Credit card tips for mystery shoppers

For mystery shoppers, managing finances is a large part of the job.

Ignorant mistakes to avoid when handling your 1099s

As a mystery shopper, you have to remember that you are working just like everyone else.

Preparing for tax season as a mystery shopper

Being a mystery shopper requires organization and record-keeping, especially as tax season approaches

When it's okay to turn down a mystery shopping assignment

The beauty of being a mystery shopper is that in a way, you are your own boss.

How to hustle the holidays: Incorporating mystery shopping this season

As the calendar turns toward fall, it's not too early to begin thinking about your holiday gift list.

Tighten up: ID-protection reminders for secret shoppers

It's an unfortunate reality of today's consumer environment: Identity theft is rampant and often occurs on a massive scale.

A cover is only as good as you keep it

Mystery shoppers spend a good portion of their assignments trying to remain incognito, as blending in and appearing natural are imperative to accomplishing the task at hand. 

Making your mystery shopping assignments work for you on vacation

While no one mystery shopping assignment alone will make you rich, by strategically taking on a variety of related endeavors, you can rack up savings on things you need or love to do anyway.

Telltale signs of a secret-shopping scam

It's an unfortunate reality of the mystery shopper's existence: Many of the offers circulating the Internet and infiltrating email accounts are scams.

Avoid mystery shopping scams

Mystery shoppers must always be on the lookout for scams.

How to get out of a mystery shopping rut

Many mystery shoppers may find it hard to get back into their regular routines after a relaxing summer.

8 supplies mystery shoppers need to succeed

Mystery shopping requires a unique range of materials to perform the job well.

Planning out mystery shopping routes

Planning a mystery shopping route is a great way for shoppers to increase revenue and build additional skills.

Airlines and travel agents need mystery shoppers, too

Mystery shoppers with a great deal of travel experience may want to think about taking jobs reviewing agencies or airlines.

4 vital tax tips for mystery shoppers

Tax season gives workers from every industry a headache, especially independent contractors like mystery shoppers.

3 tools for writing great mystery shopping reports

Companies value mystery shoppers who are devoted to the work and can effectively communicate their feedback.

How reveal shops differ from regular shops

Sometimes the most fun part about mystery shopping is the secrecy.

Unusual mystery shop for police officers still requires preparation

Using the services of a mystery shopping company can help shoppers find the most lucrative and reliable assignments.

The best qualities in a mystery shopper

There are certain qualities that make the best mystery shoppers stand out from the rest.

6 Reasons why you should become a mystery shopper

There are tons of reasons why mystery shopping is an excellent way to spend your time and energy.

Take a test drive as a mystery car shopper this summer

The automotive sales industry has experienced a renaissance of late, with mild first-quarter figures negated by momentum that began in late March and has carried over through May.

How Secret Shoppers Can Identify Check and Wire Fraud Scam Artists

Scam artists take advantage of increased summer business activity to target secret shoppers.

Australian mystery shoppers rate taxi service

Recent increases in retail sales may be a reason for mystery shoppers to jump up and down.

Seasonal hiring to affect mystery shopping

A recent USA Today report found that major home improvement retailer Home Depot is hiring more than 80,000 seasonal employees as spring nears and homeowners look to revamp their domiciles in a steadily improving housing market.

How to find legitimate mystery shopping jobs

In the U.K. last year, there were 50,000 mystery shopping trips carried out each month, according to a recent report by The Guardian.

Tips for using social media as a mystery shopper

These days, social media use is growing among all age groups and across all demographics. 

What does a mystery shopping scheduler do?

Many mystery shoppers deal with schedulers to get set-up for their mystery shopping assignments. However, many secret shoppers have little to no insight into what schedulers actually do.

How to ask mystery shopping companies for a bonus

Many mystery shoppers are under the impression that fees are of the "take it or leave it" variety. 

Helpful tax tips for mystery shoppers

If you find joy working as a secret shopper, then having to file taxes can strip away all of the fun and turn your job as a mystery shopper into an absolute chore.

How much does mystery shopping pay?

When it comes to becoming a mystery shopper, most people have two primary questions: How do I get started and how much will I get paid?

MSPA offers two types of mystery shopping certification

Some people view mystery shopping as nothing more than a hobby, or as a way to make some extra cash on the side. For others, it's a great part-time job.

Preparing for tax season as a mystery shopper

The tax season is coming up soon and those who consistently work as a mystery shopper will need to get organized for filing 1099-MISCs.

Be an honest secret shopper and follow the rules

The flexibility of mystery shopping means you are pretty much your own boss.

What to do when your cover gets blown as a mystery shopper

About the worst thing that can happen when you are mystery shopping is having an employee realize you are a secret shopper.

How to spot a mystery shopping scam

While a useful tool for retailers and a fun way to earn some extra cash, mystery shopping has also proven lucrative for scam artists.

Some tips for getting an employee's name when secret shopping

It can be harder than you think to include employees' names in your mystery shopping report.

Keep more of your secret shopper paycheck with knowledge of tax deductions

One way to increase the financial benefits of mystery shopping is to reduce your tax liability with an accurate and complete list of deductions.

What is the point of mystery shopping?

Secret shoppers make up just one part of what is often a much larger customer service improvement initiative

Do you know these basic mystery shopping terms?

If you want to become a secret shopper, familiarizing yourself with these terms will help get you started on the right foot. 

Mystery shopping with friends and family: Do's and don'ts

Mystery shopping is a solo effort for most people. But you can still bring friends, family and children along with you in certain situations. 

5 helpful tools for mystery shoppers

There are a variety of tools and gadgets that can help organize your mystery shopping workload. 

Mystery shopping dangers that aren't scams - and how to avoid them

Scams are not the only potential risk factor when starting out as a mystery shopper. 

Are you ready to turn mystery shopping into a full-time job?

Maintaining a full-time job as a mystery shopper requires hard work and a high level of commitment. But there are several strategies you can start using now to make it all work. 

3 common characteristics of mystery shopping scams

Mystery shopping scams have been around for a long time, but fortunately for us honest mystery shoppers, the fraudulent companies aren't that creative.

3 things to keep in mind while mystery shopping

While there are many reputable mystery shopping companies, there are also businesses out there that are trying to trick prospective shoppers into a scam.

Top skills of mystery shoppers

Mystery shopping may be easy to break into, but if you're hoping to bring in more cash and earn a great reputation, it's important to hone your secret shopping skills.

Mystery shop at luxury hotels

Ever dream of spending a night or two in a luxury hotel, sipping a drink by the pool or eating at the upscale hotel restaurant?

How and when to mystery shop with kids

Secret shoppers who go on assignments to children's clothing stores or amusement parks would be wise to bring a child with them to blend in more easily.

Mystery shop while on the road this summer

While most jobs would get in the way of any potential trips you might be considering this summer, mystery shopping provides the flexibility to not only work whenever you want, but also to secret shop while on vacation.

How to be an effective mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is a valuable and fun way to earn money, and contributes to improving all sorts of businesses.

Think twice before canceling a mystery shopping assignment

Mystery shopping is a great way for people to make money, especially if they require scheduling flexibility.

Company chooses mystery shopping over advertising program

Instead of commercials and billboards, Five Guys has allocated a portion of its budget to an intensive mystery shopping program.

Better Business Bureau reminds mystery shoppers to practice due diligence

The prospect of mystery shopping, getting paid to shop, sounds too good to be true, but it doesn't have to be if participants are prudent in their selection of providers and assignments.

Mystery shopping program launches at UK post offices

A recent mystery shopping program in the United Kingdom revealed there are some key opportunities to improve services in post offices.

Wine companies creating new jobs for mystery shoppers

Every once in awhile, they will also find new and exciting assignments for clubs, casinos and bars. Secret shoppers in regions that are prime for grape growing, however, might start to see more assignments at vineyards.

General Motors to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with mystery shopping

In order to inspire the kind of brand loyalty that Apple users have toward their iPhones and MacBooks, General Motors is overhauling the way it approaches customer service in the majority of its dealerships.

Make mystery shopping more profitable

Contrary to what people may think, mystery shopping isn't all about getting paid to shop. The truth is that like any job, secret shoppers are hired to perform tasks that are vital to a business' success.

Tips from a long-time mystery shopper

Mystery shopping may seem like it's too good to be true, but it is a valid way many people earn an income on the side.

Fast food restaurants providing mystery shopping opportunities and better service

Fast food restaurants are improving their customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings, according to the latest report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Tips for mystery shopping with kids

One of the reasons many people find mystery shopping to be a great career choice is because they have children that take up much of their free time.

Try an airport mystery shopping assignment whether or not you're traveling

Since airports are putting a renewed effort into their environments as enticing shopping destinations, some are actively seeking mystery shoppers to complete assignments.

Mystery shopping a fine dining restaurant

Some mystery shopping companies offer restaurant assignments, from fast food companies to fine dining establishments.

Mystery shoppers help auto dealers evaluate customer satisfaction

Mystery shopping is important to the auto industry across a number of channels, including repair shops, oil change businesses and auto dealers.

Tips for writing better mystery shopping reports

Mystery shopping is an exciting career than can help people earn additional money without committing to a restrictive schedule.

Benefits of bank mystery shopping assignments

If mystery shoppers are searching the job boards for reliable assignments that can help them bring in a steady income on the side, they might find banks visits are a good solutions.

Mystery shopping real estate or apartment listings

Once new shoppers go on a number of shops and demonstrate their ability to follow through and generate quality reports, they might be targeted for more complicated jobs like real estate and apartment listing shops.

Integrity mystery shops could shed light on point-of-sale thefts

Mystery shoppers are usually hired to measure the customer experience in a variety of service environments, but they may be asked to evaluate other critical elements of a business if they sign up for an integrity shop

Getting paid as a mystery shopper

While most mystery shoppers don't get rich from doing their job, they do enjoy an extra source of income as well as reimbursements for items they buy while on assignment.

Mystery shopping the movies

Most people have heard of mystery shopping at retail stores or even restaurants, but fewer are familiar with assignments at places like automotive dealers or movie theaters.

Top 5 perks of mystery shopping

Most people think mystery shopping is too good to be true and steer clear of what could be a rewarding and fulfilling job.

Recordkeeping for mystery shoppers

One of the benefits of mystery shopping is that workers get to make their own schedules and have the ability to self-manage.

How to remember a mystery shopping scenario

The key to making a mystery shop effective is to make it believable, according to the Mystery Shopping Guide by The Financial Services Authority.

Banks benefit from mystery shopping to ensure lending compliance

Mystery shopping is an important way of regulating lending standards, according to a recent report by Reuters.