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Hiring a company to mystery shop your automotive lot

According to CarLingo, a car shopping information resource, customers crave transparency in their shopping experiences. They want to know exactly what a car can do, and how much it will cost. They don't like negotiations and don't initially trust sales people. In a survey of 266 car shoppers, 91 percent would have liked to know what prior people paid for the same car, and 83 percent would like to skip bargaining altogether with a no-haggle price.

"These statistics have big implications on the type of car shopping tools that need to be developed for consumers," said CarLingo CEO and founder Steve Greenfield. "It will be interesting to see if the existing automotive website players in the space can keep up with consumers' ever evolving need for data and information during their auto shopping decision making process."

Wouldn't it be great to have someone shop at your store, whether online or on the lot, and tell you exactly about the experience in a completely objective way?

That is the great benefit of the mystery shopper. Your ability to choose mystery shoppers is also of great help because often men and women report very different shopping experiences. Because these impartial judges won't actually be buying the car, they will be able to tell you directly if your company is treating people equally or not. This is a major benefit to your business because otherwise you would only be able to find out through the same public channels that people are using to find out about your store. If you have people mystery shop your company, then people will tell you more discretely what is good about your store and what needs work.

Many businesses are having themselves mystery shopped
Mystery shopping is more common than you might realize. According to Auto News, one salesman hires mystery shoppers for his lots because it helps him stay ahead of the competition and keep up with trends.

Mystery shoppers are so good at what they do that nobody will notice they were ever in the store, but mystery shoppers will take careful notes of everything they observe, from minute details of word choices and car descriptions, to the condition of the vehicles and the appearance of the store interior and the show room. Mystery shoppers have been trained to record details with a completely impartial eye, and to notice everything.

Being able to offer better customer service than anyone else would be a very good way to differentiate oneself from the competition, and a great beginning to this process would be to hire mystery shoppers.