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Mystery shopping for a B2B client

Most of the time, mystery shoppers are sent out to examine retail stores and describe a customer service experience, but many companies don't realize that business to business services can also be examined through the lens of mystery shopping.

Automakers turning to recognized brand for loyalty strategies

Automakers are trying to develop new customer satisfaction and loyalty strategies to stand out from competitors.

Banks need to go beyond satisfaction to earn loyalty

A recent study by Capgemini and Efma revealed that even when banks are leaving customers satisfied, they aren't necessarily earning loyalty.

Hertz rated best brand for auto rentals

Auto rental company Hertz recently received top marks for its customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to a survey by Zagat.

Casinos turning to mobile to drive customer loyalty

Casinos are turning to updated mobile platforms to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Banking customers want local personalized service

Despite the growing popularity of telephone and internet banking, customers still prefer personalized service at a local branch, according to a recent study by Avaya and BT.

Casinos need better customer satisfaction measurements

Customer surveys are no longer a reliable means for determining the success of a casino, according to Robinson & Associates, guest service consulting firm to the global gambling industry.

Companies plan to use social media for customer service

To recover from a drop in customer satisfaction and loyalty rankings in Consumer Reports, Ford now plans to launch a consumer campaign in social media, writes Jean Halliday for Forbes.

Banks could boost customer satisfaction with social media

U.S. financial institutions' service efforts are generally paying off in customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to a new Consumer Banking Relationships study by BAI.

Customers more satisfied with automotive dealer service than independent shops

In the latest J.D. Power and Associates Customer Service Index, customers revealed their overall customer satisfaction and loyalty with car dealers.

Call center representatives get higher reviews from customers

Customers reported higher satisfaction with bank and credit union call representatives last year, according to the 2011 Prime Performance Customer Experience with Call Center Representatives Survey.

USAA top credit card issuer

A recent study revealed that USAA is the top-rated credit card issuer among United States consumers.

American Express offers top notch customer service

The fact that American Express' high rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty can be measured both in studies and client testimonials proves that the company is leading the credit card company industry in service standards.

Citigroup enlists smartest computer to improve customer service

Citigroup, the world's third-biggest bank, recently announced that it will use the help of super computer Watson to improve customer service efforts

New study finds big banks offering superior customer service

Recent studies reveal that big banks are doing a better job of meeting customers' needs than small banks and credit unions.

Customer service linked to employee loyalty

A study found that overall customer service may be linked to employee loyalty, according to the Corporate Business Council.

Women-friendly auto dealership list created

A total of 33 car dealerships were recognized by WomenCertified as the top dealerships for outstanding customer experience toward women in 2011.

Studies analyze automobile loyalty

A recent study conducted by Polk and found brand affinity to be the No. 1 driving factor behind customers' loyalty to vehicles.

Report: Online, mobile banking see rising satisfaction

According to a recent survey from comScore, of more than 2,000 U.S. internet users, customer satisfaction and loyalty with financial institutions, bank websites and mobile banking is increasing.

Auto insurance customer satisfaction sees slight uptick

Despite the fact that auto insurance claims increased during 2011's fourth quarter, overall customer satisfaction remained relatively the same, according to J.D. Power and Associates' 2012 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.

Insurance incentives keep customers happy, loyal

More insurance companies are seeing the benefits of providing members with incentives and rewards for being healthy rather than only administering penalties for negative behavior, Investor's Business Daily reports.

Dealerships vie for customer satisfaction awards

Car dealer review website DealerRater kicked off its 2012 Dealer of the Year Award Program earlier this year, hoping to find car dealers that exhibit that greatest customer satisfaction and loyalty among 41,000 dealerships.

Banks bring gaming to the forefront

Financial firms are increasingly turning to a new game-centered approach to attract a younger demographic that may not be responding to traditional advertising efforts, Wall Street & Technology reports.

Big banks unlikely to lose customers

It's unlikely that Bank of America will lose much of its customer satisfaction and loyalty despite reports that it's planning to shut down some of its locations, Smart Money reports.

Study: More people willing to switch banks for loyalty rewards

According to SmartMoney, the average American household participates in 18 consumer rewards programs.

Foxwoods ups ante on customer service

Foxwoods resort casino recently announced its customer satisfaction research initiative by enacting a survey system to enhance its overall customer service.

J.D. Power: Consumers more willing to spend on bikes

J.D. Power and Associates' 14th annual U.S. Motorcycle Competitive Information Study revealed increased customer satisfaction towards bikes, less overall problems and a greater propensity to spend.

December ASCI: CUs soar, big banks still behind

While some large banks have recovered from the financial crisis of 2008, they remain less popular among customers compared to small banks and credit unions (CUs), the Boston Globe reports.

Malaysian company looks to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with family-oriented casinos

While gambling is typically looked at as a vice, it's becoming a more accepted part of American culture.

Big banks make headway in customer satisfaction

The recent Prime Performance 2011 Bank and Credit Union Satisfaction Survey revealed that while small banks and credit unions (CUs) are still most trusted by consumers, big banks are making progress in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer satisfaction up at banks

According to a recent JD Power and Associates retail banking customer satisfaction survey, happiness with banks has increased over the past year, the Press Association reports.

Consumers looking for monetary incentives from their banks

Large banks are not exactly in good standing with U.S. consumers right now, especially in response to now-defunct plans to impose new fees on debit card and checking accounts for no added exchange of services.

Customers consider leaving banks over debit card fees

Consumers are increasingly willing to change banks over the introduction of new fees on debit card use, according to a survey by Research Intelligence Group.

Consumers increasingly demand fuel-efficient vehicles

When it comes to buying an automobile, fuel efficiency is a growing concern among U.S. consumers.

Despite conditions, cash to remain popular payment method

Amid rising debt level, widespread mistrust of the finance sector and the introduction of new fees on checking and debit card use, federal officials expect cash payments to remain popular in coming years.

U.S. consumers underestimate their credit card debts

American households may be underestimating the extent of their credit card debt - a trend that may be reflective of recent market uncertainty and consumer reluctance.

Consumers want more behavior insights from financial institutions

Consumers are beginning to grow wary of large banks in the wake of the economic downturn, especially as large institutions begin to impose new fees on once-free banking services.

Banks need to leverage online benefits in order to engage customers

As many U.S. banks begin to introduce new checking and debit card fees on their account holders, many consumers are beginning to turn to online alternatives.

Reports point to need for diverse marketing in auto insurance market

A report released earlier this week by showed how social media is impacting consumers' decisions in researching and purchasing a new car or automobile.

Consumers leverage social media for auto purchases

Social media is being leveraged by a growing swath of industries to engage with customers and bolster their marketing campaigns.

Banks beginning to source new revenues from consumers

While a number of new banking regulations have been established to curb risk and the prospect of another financial collapse, an unfortunate side-effect of these rules has been reduced revenue.