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Mystery shopping apartment complexes

Mystery shopping services can help you find the best apartment complex in town.

Mystery shop your home builder

Mystery shoppers can help you select a home builder.

Things to look for while mystery shopping at a nursing home

Use a mystery shopper to help make sure you pick out the best living environment for your loved ones.

How to become No. 1 in retail customer experience

Delivering exceptional customer experiences isn't something that happens without significant effort.

Using mystery shoppers to improve hospital service

A big component of how well a hospital serves its patients is the hospitality element.

Mystery shoppers important to customer service quality at banks

Banks often hire mystery shoppers to report on the customer service quality of their branches.

Hotels need mystery shoppers to keep up customer experience

Ever wanted to stay at a four-star hotel just to see what its like for the night? Mystery shopping may be the gig for you, as hotels everywhere need to keep customer service levels up to a proper level. 

Strategies for improving customer loyalty

Customer experience is becoming an important subject among brands' decision makers, according to a recent CMS article.

JetBlue tops customer satisfaction study, thanks to cheap flights and friendly staff

JetBlue earned the top spot in J.D. Power and Associates Airline Satisfaction Study among low-cost carriers for the seventh year in a row.

Businesses can listen to feedback to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty

In the face of growing competition from the ecommerce market, companies have turned to analytics and retail technology as ways to learn more about their customers, but a recent survey by Empathica found they might not have to look so hard.

Businesses that want highly-satisfied customers should survey employees

Businesses that want to improve their customer satisfaction and loyalty results might want to start by evaluating their employees.

Simplicity may be the best strategy for customer satisfaction and loyalty

While many businesses are installing new retail technology in stores and using innovative devices to provide shoppers with a high-tech shopping experience, some companies are realizing greater success when they implement simple strategies, according to Business 2 Community.

Customer experience becoming more important to grocery store patrons

A recent customer satisfaction and loyalty study revealed that 97 percent customers are happy with the service they are receiving from supermarkets in part because of grocers' improving experience management.

Insurance companies can earn customers satisfaction with better websites

J.D. Power and Associates recently released its 2012 U.S. Insurance Shopping study, revealing that fewer customers are shopping around for new policies from insurance companies, down to just 25 percent from 33 percent last year.

Customer experience management becoming important part of service strategy

The Caesars brand takes its service strategies seriously since it depends on customer satisfaction and loyalty to drive business, according to 1 to 1 Media.

Cell phone companies tied for customer service scores

A survey recently released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) revealed that cell phone subscribers are almost equally satisfied with their carriers.

The top five reasons customers go to social media sites for service

Businesses now know the importance of developing a social media strategy for their customer service efforts.

How Apple has earned loyal customers

Apple's customers are some of the most loyal there are, according to a survey by ClickFox.

Top beauty brands earn consumers' trust

The top beauty brands are not only effective at earning customer satisfaction and loyalty, but are also capitalizing on larger portions of the $60 billion industry, according to Forbes.

Where customer loyalty programs are failing and how companies can fix them

Customer loyalty programs might be missing the mark and failing to attract and retain clients if companies do not use them as an opportunity to further engage with customers and make them feel special, reports Business 2 Community.

Banks offsetting customer dissatisfaction with fees

A recent J.D. Power and Associates study revealed that consumers are happier with their financial institutions this year despite increased bank fees.

Customer experience correlates to revenue, study shows

The quality of a customer's experience with a company may be more closely related to the business' revenue than expected, according to new findings released by Forrester Research.

Good customer experiences can yield a higher ROI, study finds

Many companies recognize a significant return on investment from the customer experience they provide, according to a recent study by the Temkin Group.

How to keep customers coming back

Companies should have a clear understanding of customer satisfaction and loyalty before they try to measure their success or failure and ultimately develop clear new programs.

Contracting company earns customer service award from Angie's List

American Custom Contractors' (ACC) consistently high level of customer service has earned the company an Angie's List Super Service award.

Big banks losing customers because of poor service

More customers are leaving banks this year because of unmet customer expectations, a study shows.

Molding the customer satisfaction survey to perfection

Customer satisfaction surveys won't allow companies to gain insight on what they could do to improve if they aren't structured correctly.

User experience is a two-way street

Technology is no longer a one-way street. As it matures beyond a luxury for most people, consumer expectations tend to grow and many are searching for a more interactive user experience (UX), Fast Company reports.

Customer service tactics to improve retention

Keeping your cool in the customer service business can be tricky, because as much as you may want to express how you really feel to a customer, retention is more important to a company than your personal satisfaction.

Call center issues to consider

There are certain issues which impede call center success that managers should explore solutions for, reports.

How to improve call center agent productivity

Call center employees make a living by providing quality customer service.

AT&T's customer loyalty questioned

Wireless provider AT&T has seen mixed reviews lately regarding its customer service.

Exceeding expectations breeds retention

There are some aspects of customer service that consumers tend to take for granted.

Homebuilders honored for their customer service

The Eliant Homebuyers' Choice Awards competition honors homebuilders who provided that best customer experience over the past year in the U.S. and Canada.

Customer service begins at the top

Company culture can have a significant impact on the way employees embrace customer service standards, according to Business2Community.

Sometimes large retailers get it right

How do major retailers retain their customers and induce customer loyalty and satisfaction?

Customer service initiatives could net retailers $25,000

Retail stores or entrepreneurs in the industry who feel they've created a positive impact in some way are being prompted to submit videos of their efforts by the National Retail Federation (NRF) for its This is Retail campaign.

Call centers an important customer service factor

According to the Convergys Corporation 2011 U.S. Customer Scorecard Research, call center agents remain the focal point of customer care, 1to1 Media reports.

Who's monitoring your social media pages?

The importance of timely social media responses to customer comments or complaints can not be understated.

U.S Banks score high on American Customer Satisfaction Index

In the competitive banking and finance sector, it's imperative that institutions have effective and efficient customer experience management strategies in place.

Retail etiquette tips to remember

The customer is always right. It's a staple of many customer service-focused industries, and retail is no exception.

Customer satisfaction initiatives grow in down economy

According to Consumer Reports' annual satisfaction survey, Chevrolet Bolt owners were found to be the most satisfied car owners.

How small retailers can leverage customer service to remain competitive this holiday season

Small retailers may have to step up their customer service standards this holiday season, as the shopping environment and personal touch of a local merchant may be the only advantages they have over their large competitors.

How does privacy relate to today's consumers?

Privacy and related notions of security have long been held at the forefront of consumer demands. But what does that mean?

Global consumers: Value trumps price

While retailers always seem to tout their "low prices" as a leading marketing pitch, consumers across the globe may actually prefer value to cost.

Businesses make customer loyalty a top objective

With the economy still reeling, businesses across the globe have a lot of challenges ahead of them.

Customers may be prompted to write a negative review over a positive one

Customer review sites and social media are anything but a waste of time.

Study assesses industries according to customer satisfaction

Customer service is often overlooked as marketing tactic.

The importance of customer service in a troubled economy

With the economy as it is, it can be difficult to determine which aspects of operations are most important.

Small businesses may not be leveraging social media to their full advantage

Social media continues to evolve into one of the most sensational communication method in recent history.

Tablets appeal to work/life balance, but customer service function is key

When tablet computers were first launched last year, their appeal seemed to be almost sensationalized.

To generate loyalty, focus on relations, community and experience

Small retailers may rely on repeat customers more so than larger ones, underscoring the need for marketers to focus on customer retention to maintain sales figures, especially during difficult economic times.

Survey evaluates consumers' top complaints

While consumers continue to face strapped budgets and high prices on everything from gas to food, bad customer service can easily be interpreted as adding insult to injury.

Survey finds a need for better customer service

In an effort to save money, more companies seem to be putting their customers second, leaving patrons frustrated and potentially leading to lost business.

Retailers need to secure their Wi-Fi networks

Restaurants, bookstores and cafes are frequently relied on to offer free Wi-Fi internet, but such services can also be harmful to businesses.

Start with customer service to improve marketing and sales

In the retail sector, businesses need to develop marketing and service strategies that make the most of each sales lead.

Grocery stores lacking customer service standards

A number of recent studies have shown consumers are cutting back on their grocery shopping in light of the weak economy.

Customer communications essential in generating trust

To generate any sort of brand loyalty among consumers, businesses need to establish a degree of trust.