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Reasons to hire a mystery shopper

Join the practice of hiring a mystery shopper to ensure your business is running at its best.

Mystery shopping B2B assignments

While mystery shopping is traditionally a business-to-consumer industry, its presence in the business-to-business community is growing.

Apps allow mystery shoppers to stealthily take notes

As a mystery shopper, it's your duty to record and remember as much detail as you can about the shopping experience so you can report it later.

Keeping up with industry trends improves mystery shopping reports

Understanding shopping trends help retailers improve their sales and customer service departments.

Beware wave of new mystery shopping scams

In the past few days, there has been a wave of new mystery shopping scams attempting to swindle people out of money.

Mystery shopping in the medical field

Mystery shoppers can help shed light on the customer service element of healthcare.

Businesses must deliver outstanding experiences to drive word-of-mouth reviews

The rise of social media has had a far-reaching impact on the way consumers interact with one another and the companies they patronize.

Daily deals are out, social loyalty is in

Last year was the year of the daily deal - sites like Groupon and LivingSocial saw enormous popularity as consumers flocked to their sites to utilize time-sensitive offers.

Coke is the world's most valuable brand

The 2012 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI) revealed that brand loyalty is based more on emotional rather than rational desires, MarketingDaily reports.

Subscription-based services puts the customer in control

Today's consumers live in a subscription economy, 1to1 Media reports.

Consumers want more social media support from brands

Whether companies operate in-store or online, retailers may want to consider investing in social media service solutions to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Video mystery shopping among 2012 trends

An increase in smartphone integration, customer review sites and texting feedback will be among the major customer experience management trends for 2012, Retail Customer Experience reports.

Super Bowl ad displays customer loyalty for Samsung

In Samsung's recent Super Bowl commercial for its latest product - the Note - the company mocked Apple fanboys waiting in line for the presumed next great gadget, DailyTech reports.

Study: Customer loyalty falling

A recent survey from Accenture found that companies that aren't able to identity blind spots or consumers who are "itching to switch" risk losing out on customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Company offers loyalty program through Facebook

A plethora of consumers utilize Facebook Credits primarily to download music, movies and TV episodes, as well as purchase virtual goods in Facebook games such as Farmville, ZDNet reports.

Study: High correlation between engaged users and in-app purchases

A recent study from Localytics revealed that building relationships with mobile phone app users is more important than driving an in-app purchase.

Constant Contact brings loyalty to mobile

Utilizing the near-field communication technology of Boston-based developer CardStar, Constant Contact is now able to improve its customer loyalty and satisfaction services, The Boston Globe reports.

CRM going mobile

According to a recent survey from analyst firm Gartner, customer relationship management (CRM) spending is expected to increase in the coming years more than any other area of application software, EnterpriseApps Today reports.

Gaudet: Price now secondary to customer experience

Shopping experience, convenience and product guarantee are likely perceived by consumers as more important than the price of an item, according to marketing expert Charles Gaudet.

Companies' holiday gift return services ranked

Amazon, Best Buy, L.L.Bean and Apple were among the speediest and most accommodating companies when it came to holiday gift returns, according to a recent study from mystery shopping network STELLAService.

Infographic: Customer service has strong outlook in 2012

A recently released infographic from automated workforce management and optimization solution company ClickSoftware pulled information from a variety of sources to determine the state of customer service in 2011.

Verizon tops major carrier customer satisfaction, AT&T falters

A survey to be published in the January 2012 issue of Consumer Reports ranked the four major U.S. cellphone service providers based on overall customer satisfaction.

Are you adapting to loyalty trends?

According to a recent poll from marketing think tank Loyalty 360, 78 percent of respondents believed having great customer experience makes their customers stay loyal, Retail Customer Experience reports.

Financial troubles among seniors may impact consumer sector

It's not secret that healthcare costs are high. What's troubling is that they continue to soar, racking employer payrolls and consumer budgets in their wake.

Consumer debt continues to worry Americans

A number of analysts have pointed to consumer activity as the underlying obstacle facing the economic recovery.

Consumer confidence a tricky issue this season

U.S. consumers appear to have the weakest economic outlook since the recession, according to the most recent Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index.

Are men more active social shoppers and users than women?

Perhaps contrary to assumptions, men are more engaged in social commerce activities than women, according to the 2011 Social Shopping Study.

Consumer spending dipped in September but prospects remain

U.S. consumers appeared to rein in the spending habits in September, as wages dipped alongside home prices, according to the most recent Consumer Spending Index from Deloitte.

Prepare for the holidays by following the evolution of today's shoppers

Retailers and businesses alike are already having trouble anticipating what this year's holiday shopping season will be like.

There are now more cell phones than people in the U.S.

It's official: There are more cell phones in the U.S. than there are people.

Consumer spending, incomes dipped last year

You don't need an expert to tell you that consumer spending plummeted in the wake of the recession - much less that wider market conditions were damaged and continue to struggle today.

Americans are more frugal shoppers after the recession

Since the economy tanked in 2008, analysts have been wondering when and if consumer activity would return to normal levels.

Facebook updates more important than friends?

Young people are tech-savvy. That's a trend that's widely understood among marketers.

Despite slow economy, majority of Americans plan to spend

If employment is the root cause of the slow economy's continued stress, consumer spending is perhaps even more fundamental.

Study examines nature of consumer struggles

The phrase is heard all the time: Consumer confidence is down.

Nearly three-quarters of moms to shop online this holiday season

While shopping this holiday season may not match last year's figures, businesses can expect one trend to enhance even further: online shopping.

Most social users also shop online

The internet has a variety of purposes, and if you were to ask a range of consumers you'd likely get an array of answers: information, communication, shopping, productivity.

Gen-Y consumers shaped by events of the past decade

The Millennial generation - young people currently aged 20-29 - is set to outnumber every other population segment by 2017.

Consumer credit and spending up this summer

The 12 banking regions of the U.S. Federal Reserve expanded this summer thanks in large part to surges in consumer spending.

Consumer borrowing should be a sign for businesses

Consumers have cut back on spending in recent years - a defensive measure that has led to economic stagnation but has also contributed to higher personal savings, lower credit delinquency rates and lower debt.

Consumer-driven recession: 80 percent likely?

Consumer sentiment has been struggling in recent months, particularly as unemployment remains high and wage gains are stifled. But will it cause the U.S. economy to fall back into recession?

Consumers don't understand critical energy saving practices

As energy prices have continued to climb in recent years, one might assume that consumers have begun to better understand the ins and outs of the industry and why bills are so high.

Economists: Recession unlikely but slow recovery to last

As consumer sentiment has dwindled in recent weeks, alongside uncertainty over European sovereign debt crises and political standstills in the U.S., many analysts have worried that another recession is near.

Baby Boomers fairly adept with smartphones, study finds

Last week a generational survey by Barkley determined that members of the millennial age group seek affirmations for purchases and enjoy shopping in groups.

Consumers, the economy and credit cards

While credit card approvals continue to skyrocket amid low delinquency rates, consumers are not exactly jumping to incur further debt.

Millennials seek affirmation for their purchases

The millennial generation - often defined as individuals ranging in age from 18-29 - is a massive age group.

Consumers not likely to be moved by low interest rates

Consumer spending accounts for roughly 80 percent of the U.S. economy.

States debate soundness of sales tax holidays

Sales tax holidays have been a popular way for states to stimulate consumer spending in recent years

Employed Americans becoming more frugal with finances

While consumer spending has stumbled in recent months, due in large part to weak employment conditions, Americans fortunate enough to have a steady job are growing more fiscally responsible.

Jobs report may foreshadow consumer activity

The U.S. Commerce Department reported earlier this week that consumer spending fell in June for the first time since 2009.

WSJ: Employers not hiring due to weak demand

The job market has often been cited as the most fundamental problem in the economic recovery.

Consumer activity may jump on signs of private sector pay gains

A critical indicator of consumer activity showed solid improvements during the April-June period, suggesting businesses and retailers may begin to notice sales gains in coming months.

Consumers adopting mobile but security remains an issue

Americans have long been fascinated by new technologies, and when it comes to the shopping experience they have been very quick to leverage devices such as smartphones to help inform their decisions.

Despite market gains, Americans cutting back on expenses

Contrary to a number of recent surveys of business leaders and economists, U.S. consumers are less confident in the state of the economy over the next year, according to the most recent Harris Poll from Harris Interactive.

Consumers taking shorter trips to the grocery store

The habits of grocery consumers may be changing, as new research suggests Americans are taking shorter, less extensive trips to the grocery store and instead opting for food purchases to cover only a few days.

Confidence among consumers dipped again in June

Consumers were even more frugal and less confident in June than they were the month before, according to a report released this week by the Conference Board, perhaps foreshadowing further employment woes for the month.

Gender roles in mystery shopping

A recent survey by consulting firm SymphonyIRI Group found men are often more frugal shoppers than woman, finding in one category that 35 percent of men shop at multiple locations to find the lowest possible price.

Organized retail theft/crime a growing problem

As honest retailers and small businesses struggle to stay afloat in today's tough market, it doesn't help that a growing number of dishonest individuals are relying on organized retail crime to make ends meet.

Consumers content with pay-TV subscriptions

It may not come as a surprise to note that Americans are relying less and less on over-the-air TV signals to watch television, given that the medium is an increasingly dated and out-competed technology.

U.S. consumers to focus spending on travel this summer

With consumer confidence slowly beginning to show improvements, many analysts are wondering how the most robust economy since the recession began will progress through the busy summer months.

Slow pace of consumer spending points to need for mystery shopping research

As of early 2010, the U.S. mystery shopping industry employed some 1.5 million secret shoppers, and demand is only on the rise.

Mall apps launched to improve customer shopping experience

Shopping mall owners are attempting implement the use of advanced smartphone apps in an effort to lure customers away from web-based retailers and back to physical locations, notes The Wall Street Journal.