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Keeping up with industry trends improves mystery shopping reports

Understanding shopping trends help retailers improve their sales and customer service departments. By adjusting product displays and seasonal promotions to suit the desires of various demographics, corporations anticipate a spike in profit. To maintain what is often a nuanced and unique identity, business owners will frequently ask mystery shoppers to report whether or not employees are following current protocol. The upcoming holiday season is likely the most bustling time of year for these sorts of shops.

According to a recent survey of 7,200 teenagers conducted by Piper Jaffray, young people today still view the economy negatively but they are shopping more frequently. This can be attributed to the fact that teen employment and parental contribution to funds has both increased. Plus, for the first time in the past 24 months, spending on fashion and cosmetic products grew.

The name of the shopping game for teens today is individuality. Many reported they are diversifying which brands they prefer and are trying out a variety of styles when it comes to fashion. Their clothing and accessories are meant to tell a story and reiterate their personal brands and identities.

Increase in mobile purchasing
What should grab the attention of most retailers, however, is that although teens prefer to conduct shopping in person, more are turning to their mobile devices to make purchases. According to a survey carried out by Contact Solutions, 30 percent of respondents use their mobile device for shopping as frequently as they do their computer.

Where mystery shoppers may come into this equation is at the point of check out. Research found that 39 percent of consumers find their experience at check-out on a mobile device inadequate and lacking in customer care. In addition, 71 percent of respondents claimed they abandon their online shopping carts if they have too much trouble making a purchase. Companies need to be providing top-quality care for consumers through their mobile apps.

Mystery shoppers need to be aware of the current shopping trends and market issues as these will influence the way shops are performed and reports are written. Shoppers will likely be asked to report on the customer service offered by prominent retailers who are trying to earn and retain the business of the participants in both the surveys mentioned above. Understanding the goals of your shop clients will bring a greater sense of understanding and depth to reports, which is the best path to success for a mystery shopper