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Mystery shopping B2B assignments

While mystery shopping is traditionally a business-to-consumer industry, its presence in the business-to-business community is growing. Corporations looking to improve their relationships with suppliers or retailers should invest in mystery shopping services to better understand their customers' needs and experiences.

Relationships between companies are more nuanced and layered than those between a consumer and his or her favorite coffee shop. The customer journey, from introduction through acquisition and retention, requires more attention. It also involves more parties, for these relationships impact everyone involved with both companies. Management and entry-level staff alike need to have a positive experience within the B2B partnership. 

The perfect mystery shopper for a B2B job is someone with business experience or even a previous business owner. Mystery Shopping Learning Center stated that having prior experience operating a company can lead to more robust, informative written reports. 

Productive B2B shops
Two of the best ways to evaluate a corporation as a B2B mystery shopper is by testing out the customer support department and performing a product trial run. These two activities demonstrate the extent to which clients are prioritized and overall product user-friendliness.

According to 360 Connext, the act of signing up for a trial run, going through the process of using it and then contacting the support team gives great insight into what the potential partnership would be like in actuality. If you are a mystery shopper performing this task, make note of how many responses you receive after contacting support and how quickly each inquiry is answered. 

The mystery shopping industry should not be limited to B2C companies. B2B gigs can help corporations improve their operations and overall customer retention. They also serve as excellent training for shoppers looking to expand the scope of their services as well.