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Mystery shopping helps keep an eye on the customer experience at your casino

Mystery shoppers can help you ensure the customer experience at your casino is top notch.

Secret shopping helps small businesses

It may seem like hiring secret shoppers would be too much to ask for a small business, but that is not the case.

Building up your mystery shopping skill set

Mystery shoppers looking to amp up their skills and begin landing more big time shops should look at mystery shopping as a startup business.

Time management skills for mystery shoppers

Experienced mystery shoppers could probably teach a master class on time management.

Tips for working with mystery shopping editors

Many mystery shoppers may not know that their reports go through editors before being sent out to the clients.

Mystery shoppers provide information, not opinions

Mystery shoppers should approach assignments with a positive attitude and awareness that they are doing their part to improve a business' operations.

Wearable technology possibilities for mystery shoppers

Though mystery shoppers have a slightly unconventional workplace environment, it is important to pay attention to trends in the work force.

Video mystery shopping tips and tricks

Experienced mystery shoppers looking to take their talent to the next level may want to consider video mystery shopping.

Mystery shoppers essential to great online customer experience

Mystery shoppers can provide invaluable insights into a company's online operations and procedures.

The gaming industry in need of mystery shopper expertise

As students break free from the structure of the school year, the gaming and entertainment industry will likely begin to hit its stride.

Apple retains brand advocacy, offers customers better experience every year

Apple has a strong track record when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gas station uses mystery shopping for customer experience management

Most businesses understand that customer satisfaction and loyalty are key components of success.

GM employees receive bonuses for better customer satisfaction and loyalty

Many business understand that customer satisfaction and loyalty are often tied to the employees who work there.

The importance of customer experience management

Customers satisfaction and loyalty are vital factors to a company's success, but new information is surfacing that demonstrates brands need to also develop strategies surrounding customer experience management.

Earning loyalty in the digital age

Ecommerce sites and social networks present businesses with a great opportunity to generate revenue and increase brand awareness

How to fight showrooming, earn customer loyalty

As ecommerce and mobile buying have gained traction with consumers for increased convenience and price transparency, brick-and-mortar retail stores have been confronted with a new challenge - showrooming.

Customers involved in social media less satisfied with service

Customers engaged in social media present an interesting opportunity for businesses.

Integrating social channels and customer service strategies

The majority of companies are now engaging in social media channels to communicate with their customers.

A brand's customer base can spark loyalty

Brands might be earning customer satisfaction and loyalty simply by attracting the right crowd, a new study released by Michigan State University reveals.

Call centers aren't going anywhere - how to improve them

If businesses want to improve their customer satisfaction and loyalty, they might want to start with their call center.

Improving call center performance

Rather than approaching call centers as a way to quickly deal with angry customers and get them off the line, some brands are using the communications as a way to inspire customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Not responding to feedback could cost businesses revenue

The research indicates consumers are satisfied overall with their experiences on ecommerce sites, but they tend to be more fickle.

Small businesses lack way to measure loyalty

Most small businesses do not have a way of measuring the return on their investment (ROI) in customer experience management initiatives, according to the latest research from software company Satmetrix.

Brands that drive customer loyalty

Apple, Coca Cola, Target,, Google, Microsoft and Starbucks were named as brands that customers are most likely to stay loyal to, according to a recent study by ClickFox.

Earning happy customers through bad reviews

Businesses may be afraid that negative reviews posted to online forums could tarnish their reputation, but new studies show that in fact, bad customer reviews can positively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer relationship management on and offline

Brands may find that customer satisfaction and loyalty can be even more challenging now that customers want to communicate their complaints through new social channels in addition to traditional outlets.

Companies can curb negative word-of-mouth with social media

Companies that view social media as a hindrance to their customer service efforts are in for a shock - the emerging channel may actually help brands curb the impact of negative word-of-mouth reviews.

Some banks embracing social media for customer engagement

A recent study by Assentium found that most banks have been slow to develop a social media presence through which they can communicate with customers, according to Brand Channel.

Companies need to embrace the social part of CRM

Companies are still struggling to embrace the social aspect of customer relationship management, writes Mikes Lewis for Business 2 Community.

Wireless providers see declining loyalty

Wireless service providers are seeing less customer satisfaction and loyalty lately, according to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

What the most trusted and valued brands have in common

Many companies are striving to increase their customer service efforts to keep consumers from turning to ecommerce, however, some brands have already developed strategies to help them retain customers.

Honesty is the best policy for retailers

Honesty and transparency can foster a trusting relationship and help companies retain customers, especially in ecommerce, reports Mashable.

Providing better customer service online

Providing consumers with excellent customer service is perhaps even more important as retailers move from brick-and-mortar stores to ecommerce sites.

Tackling competitors head on with mobile marketing and apps

Retailers are using technology in new and innovative ways to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

PwC offers revenue-growth methodology for airlines

Airlines can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by placing the flyer first and paying attention to customer preferences, PricewaterhouseCoopers' website notes.

Survey: Kaiser Permanante the most well-liked health insurer

Insurers generally aren't the most well-liked industry among consumers.

Discover reigns supreme in credit card loyalty

For the 16th consecutive year, Discover card took home the No. 1 spot for consumer loyalty in the credit card industry, according to the 2012 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

Undercover operation aims to root out student aid fraud

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has deployed mystery shoppers at college campuses across the country to detect whether fraudulent practices for student aid are being encouraged, The Washington Post reports.

Are your marketing efforts cohesive and consistent?

Oftentimes, an offer advertised by a company via one media outlet isn't consistent across multiple platforms, Jim Steme writes for ClickZ.

A 'top-down' approach to customer experience management

It's important for retailers to gauge how shoppers react to their stores' layouts to determine what, if anything, needs to be changed to be successful.

Avoid ad-hoc management of social media

According to a recent study from analyst firm Gartner, at least 35 percent of customer service centers will have some form of social media capability by 2013, according to CEPro.

Feedback app aims to improve performance management

According to a recent poll from social performance management service Rypple, 65 percent of employees want more feedback from their managers.

Study: Monetary stress affects performance

Concerns over money is a primary reason why some employees' performance suffers, according to a recent poll from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Two of federal government's online offerings earn high marks from ACSI index

The fourth quarter report of the American Customer Satisfaction Index's (ACSI) E-Government Satisfaction Index revealed that people are more satisfied with online government initiatives than their real-life counterparts.

Uniform performance management system coming for civil servants

The government's top-level civil servants - those in the Senior Executive Service (SES) - will soon have their performance evaluated on a more level playing field, the Washington Post reports.

Do your customer relationship strategies translate to the web?

The new year brings with it resolutions and promises that people hope to keep.

Disengaged employees hurt customer service

Any company looking to improve its customer satisfaction and loyalty has to evaluate how engaged its employees are at work on a daily basis.

Survey addresses customer satisfaction in a Missouri city

A research firm is being commissioned by a Missouri city to determine its strengths and weaknesses in hopes of making positive adjustments, the Southeast Missourian reports.

The RATER system: Accommodate your online reviewers

The advent of online review sites such as Yelp and Google Places has given an louder voice to the consumer.

Mobile banking initiatives plagued by security concerns

Smartphone marketing strategies have been adopted by a range of industries, from retail to restaurants, in an effort to improve customer experience management.

Are your employees prepared for the holiday stretch run?

The holiday season is a crucial time of year for many businesses. Most Americans, even in a down economy, are willing to spend in order to purchase gifts, satisfy their loved ones and engage in the holiday spirit.

Survey: Utilizing mobile technologies leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty

Motorola Solutions' annual Holiday Shopping Survey revealed pertinent customer satisfaction information regarding mobile technology.

Tracking U.S. consumer expectations on social media

Retailers should consider a recent Facebook U.K. poll when determining their social media strategies, as it was found that 33 percent of users go directly to a company's Facebook page after viewing a friend's recommendation for the business, Conversocial reports.

Travel service makes strides with customer experience surveys

An online travel agency was recently able to improve its processes following months of customer satisfaction research.

Customers becoming more vocal than ever

The ever-growing amount of outlets for customers to voice their opinions through has led to an increase in the amount of feedback - both positive and negative - being left by consumers in 2011, according to a recent Spherion Staffing Service survey.

Some customer service call centers more effective than others on Cyber Monday

Recent research conducted by mystery shopping network STELLAService analyzed how effective retail customer call centers were at mitigating wait times during Cyber Monday.

Performance management should be quick and frequent

Customer satisfaction and loyalty can only come if employees are well-versed in a company's goals and are consistently able to provide top-notch service.

Jobs and the tenets of customer experience management

The success of technology company Apple was no fluke. It combined marketing and business savvy with a focus on the end-user's experience.

Engaging with fellow mystery shoppers online

Mystery shopping is a uniquely individualized profession.

Tips to control nerves on your first mystery shopping assignment

It's inevitable: Your first assignment as a mystery shopper will an anxious one.

Mistakes to avoid on a mystery shopping assignment

Everyone makes mistakes, and the saying is applicable to mystery shopping as much as anything else.

Tips for becoming a 'greener' mystery shopper

In recent years, public and private organizations alike have been pushing for more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Landing your first mystery shopping gig

Mystery shopping is an ideal source of income for many professionals of all ages.

Stay in tune with your mystery shopping program

Businesses that are considering adopting a mystery shopping strategy - be it for customer service, consumer spending or competitor research - should remember that it is an ongoing, constantly evolving practice.

Nearly two-thirds of American consumers 'walk out' on poor service

With retail sales progressing at a stubbornly slow pace, businesses need to do everything in their power to boost customer service and optimize buying potential.