Apple retains brand advocacy, offers customers better experience every year

Apple has a strong track record when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Apple has a strong track record when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. A survey by Click Fox released earlier this year found consumers most often cited the company as a brand they couldn't live without. To win the top spot, it beat out corporations that also have a reputation for driving extreme customer loyalty, such as Coca-Cola, Target, Starbucks and Amazon.

Some analysts credit Apple's success at gaining consumer advocacy to its ability to provide customers with a better experience year after year, according to Time. Instead of requiring patrons to buy new hardware so they can access emerging features, the company has managed to consistently roll out software updates. This is something competitors Google and Microsoft have not quite mastered.

Another way the company has managed to capture the hearts and wallets of its customers is by offering a consistent experience across devices, reports The Wall Street Journal. Apple users can expect their smartphones, tablets and desktop computers to work together seamlessly.

Moreover, the brand has recently introduced a new platform, called Passbook, which will offer further interoperability and perhaps develop partnerships with other companies, the news agency adds. The new program allows customers to store multiple loyalty cards, tickets and passes on their devices for quick access.

"Passbook is likely to be big enough that any company using loyalty cards will need to consider integration," Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight told the source.

While Apple's product innovations have been a huge component of the brand's success, high-quality service standards are another significant contributor. Apple has received commendation for its sales staff, who are known for greeting customers as they walk into store locations and offering highly informed advice about product offerings. All of the company's employees are trained to demonstrate product features as well.

Apple's sales associates and its Genius Bar - where customers can return for help with their devices - have earned such a positive reputation among consumers, that number of brands, such as General Motors, Cadillac and Lexus have adopted the service strategies.