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Building up your mystery shopping skill set

Mystery shoppers looking to ramp up their skills and begin landing more big time shops should look at mystery shopping as a startup business. Being business-minded is a great trait for mystery shoppers to have.

Be confident 
First of all, have confidence in yourself. You already are your own enterprise in a way. While you likely work with an accredited mystery shopping company, you may also do freelance work in other industries. Since mystery shopping doesn't often provide people with enough income to rely on entirely, many turn to other ventures. Selling yourself short won't get you anywhere when it comes to building your skills, and thus, your own little business.

Working your way up to the bigger, more profitable shops, does take time. There are shops that sound fun, but may actually make a shopper nervous to complete, such as casino or bank assignments.

Forbes stated that often workers will underestimate their ability to take risks and handle consequences. They may look at a situation and see an insurmountable mountain in front of them, only to realize they were more than well-equipped to scale it. When in doubt, trust the skills you've built up over time. Stick with the shop and do the best you can. Chances are, you'll get through with more than enough for your report.

Be focused
Entrepreneur advised professionals trying to build their own businesses to find ways to eliminate distractions. Often, freelancers and mystery shoppers don't report to a specific office every morning. Their schedules are varied and unique. It might be easy to get roped into a Wheel of Fortune marathon on TV or catch up on the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix when working from home. But staying away from these types of distractions will help you become a more seasoned mystery shopper. Rather than browsing Facebook, read up on mystery shopping tips or reviews of local hot spots. There are countless ways to build your business, each day, one step at a time.

One terrific way to improve and build your skill set is by asking your mystery shopping company for a review. That is, inquire about how you're performing and ask about areas in which you can improve. It also can't hurt to let the company know you are ready and willing to take on more nuanced shops. Your scheduler may not have sent you these kinds of opportunities in the past because he or she wasn't certain you were interested. This is also a great way to show initiative and dedication. 

Taking risks, of course, does not mean jeopardizing the mystery shopping company's relationship with its clients. Always be sure you are following protocol and completing all of the items required of you. In addition, Adding in too much information or being verbose in your report might rub the client the wrong way. 

Again, approach your skills and career as a mystery shopper like an entrepreneur would. It'll pay off.