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Wearable technology possibilities for mystery shoppers

Though mystery shoppers have a slightly unconventional workplace environment, it is important to pay attention to trends in the work force. Most notably, wearable technology is on its way to dramatically changing the way people work. 

Currently in the U.S., wearables (as wearable technology is often referred) are being used by 63 percent of the country's businesses, according to Smart Data Collective. Many devices are intended to increase productivity, career satisfaction, health, connectivity and more. For a mystery shopper, these items can either be implemented into daily operations or be the subject of the next big shop. It's important to be up to speed on the details of each.

Glasses that connect to the Internet are becoming the most popular new method for joining in on conference calls and video chats. With voice activation, users can answer phone calls on the go while staying hands-free. A display screen is said to replicate for the user a 25-inch HD screen seen from a distance of 8 feet. The glasses can also take photos. It is rumored that designer Diane Von Furstenberg is creating a stylish set of frames for this wearable technology.

For a mystery shopper, these glasses could be a way of monitoring shops and employee behavior more discreetly. Or, since many businesses have banned the use of them on the premises, a gig may entail reporting on how well certain rules are enforced.

Fitness bands
Worn on the wrist, a fitness band tracks how many steps a person takes per day. It also measures how far the wearer has traveled in total and the calories burned doing so. Many corporations are providing these for employees to prevent a sedentary lifestyle.

Secret shoppers may want to invest in one of these bands for personal reasons, especially if conducting a series of shops across several neighborhoods. It's a great way to track fitness for anyone.

A miniature smartphone that doubles as a watch is perfect for employees working from home or on the go. Without even taking out a smartphone, the user can glance at their smartwatch and check email, calls, messages and of course – the time. Forbes reported that there are rumors swirling that Apple will be releasing various models of iWatches soon. Several professional athletes have been spotted wearing prototypes of watches that will likely be able to monitor bodily statistics during training. 

Obviously, a device that makes working at home or on the go easier is a great investment for a mystery shopper. It can help avoid missing calls from a mystery shopping company or assist with monitoring gigs with specific time limits.

USB cufflinks
In an effort to prevent slippery fingers from losing USB sticks with important company documents and information stored on them, the USB cufflink conveniently attaches to the user's shirt, ensuring safe transportation. Since shirts have two sleeves, there's even room for a back up.

These may serve secret shoppers well, especially if video or photos need to be uploaded to a USB between shops. 

A company called RINGLY has developed a beautiful gemstone ring that lets users put their phones away, instead of reinforcing their connection to technology. The ring, which comes in several colors and styles, can be set to vibrate when the user receives emails, messages, calls and more. Wearers can program their preferences into the device so only their most important notifications come through.

Like the smartwatch, a RINGLY can serve as a great way for mystery shoppers to stay connected during shops. Or, if a shopper has another career or is in school during the day, this is a great way to receive only messages from a mystery shopping company that are important.