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Mystery shopping at schools

Using a mystery shopper can be extremely helpful in the education field.

How mystery shoppers can facilitate positive customer relationships

The reasons businesses choose to use mystery shoppers are varied, and depending on the industry, research can take on different forms.

2 digital note-taking apps for secret shoppers

Here are 2 highly-regarded note-taking apps that can make secret shopping much more manageable.

Mystery shopping helps businesses comply with complex regulations

Businesses don't have to use mystery shopping solely for the purpose of tweaking their service strategies.

Mystery shopping delivers high-quality customer insights

Mystery shopping programs can offer businesses a much clearer picture of their customer service operations than other forms of traditional feedback. 

Why banks need mystery shopping more than ever

In recent years, the financial services industry has started using mystery shopping to ensure compliance with a complex web of regulations and changing consumer expectations.

Pros and cons of new mystery shopping technologies

As smartphones and mobile devices fall into the hands of more and more consumers, businesses are racing to stay on the forefront of the latest advances and trends that allow them to effectively connect with their customers. But is it possible that businesses are focusing too much attention on trendy new technologies that might not even be improving their performance?

A personalized incentive program

Chicago, Illinois-based Belly, a startup customer satisfaction and loyalty program, hopes to grow by offering incentives that build relationships between merchants and consumers, The New York Times reports.

Product offers incentives for TV loyalty

Imagine being able to earn rewards to places such as Burger King and Starbucks simply by sitting down and watching TV.

Old school cameras offer new school data

Retail stores have begun utilizing technology that has typically been readily available to them in order to track consumers' purchasing habits and overall experience, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Retailers increasingly using social media to collect consumer experiences

Companies worldwide have embraced new media technologies such as social networks, blogs and online video as a way to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as they help consumers feel involved and heard.

Payment options may impact product perception

New research suggests payment types may impact not only consumers' purchase decisions, but also their perception of a given product.

Shoppers tune in to atmospherics

Whether business owners are operating a restaurant, a retail outlet or even an automotive specialty store, it's important to take an active hand in customer experience management to boost sales and loyalty.

Radio and TV still top channels for discovering music

While the music and recording industries have suffered a notorious blow over the past decade as new digital alternatives rendered the traditional system of purchasing music virtually obsolete, demand has been anything but on the wane.

Are Facebook 'Likes' all they're hyped up to be?

With all the hype surrounding social media, particularly its role as a marketing platform, one might be surprised to hear that consumers are not gunning to "Like" brands on Facebook.

Twitter followers more likely to shop with or recommend a brand

Because social media marketing is still in its infancy, and thereby bereft of extensive market research, many businesses have been hesitant to invest full-time in the strategy.

Mature consumers: A growing market segment

Market studies tend to focus on young generations such as the Millennials to determine spending and buying trends.

Glucose levels affect brain's ability to make reasonable shopping choices

The free samples merchants offer at high-end grocery stores may be delicious, but they may also discourage shoppers from buying more.

How game mechanics work in the consumer space

The concept of rewards from a consumer's perspective is an intriguing one.

A relaxed environment may prompt shoppers to spend more

While some consumers wouldn't dare to shop in a poor mood, it may not be such as bad idea after all.

Time for back-to-school mystery shopping

The new school year is right around the corner, and many students and families are already wrapping up their back-to-school shopping.

Customers seek ability to research brands

Over the past several years, a company's web presence has grown from a bonus marketing tool to an absolute imperative.

Mystery shopping and guerrilla marketing

When it comes to gathering market research, it's all about guerrilla marketing.

Texting as a consumer research tool?

Consumer research is often considered the Holy Grail of marketing. But the manner in which researchers learn customer preferences, shopping habits and other trends is constantly shifting and subject to market differences.

Draft a mystery shopping checklist

Experienced mystery shoppers likely know the ins and outs of accepting and effectively completing a job that they barely even need to think about it.

Mystery shopping as a legal research strategy?

Mystery shopping is usually understood to be a retail- or consumer-based research strategy used to determine service trends and habits, consumer preferences, employee conduct and competitor practices.

In developing a mystery shopping program, plan for the results

More and more businesses and organizations are adopting mystery shopping strategies to research customers' experiences, gauge how staff are interracting with clients or determine the status of competitors.

Mystery shopping a win-win

To take advantage of improving consumer sentiment, many businesses - both large and small - are looking to improve their customer service standards and operations.

Survey shows consumers' media preferences

While consumer activity is beginning to pick up, with retail sales increasing for the tenth consecutive month in April, high food and energy prices have stalled a full-scale recovery in the sector.