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Help customers get healthy in 2017 with mystery shoppers

Interested in joining the juicing craze? Mystery shoppers can help.

Thanksgiving could be big business for restaurants

More Americans are choosing to dine out for their Thanksgiving meal.

New to the restaurant game? Here's how mystery shoppers can help

Opening a new restaurant can seem like a gamble at times, but using mystery shoppers can take away from of the risk of starting a new business.

How mystery shoppers can improve service at your restaurant

Mystery shoppers can help you improve the quality of service at your restaurant.

How to use your mystery shopping report to better your restaurant

Mystery shopping reports can provide restaurant owners with a roadmap to success.

Mystery shop fine dining restaurants

Let mystery shopping services help you identify the best fine dining restaurants in town.

Mystery shopping: Food delivery assignments

Here are some things to remember if you are working a food-delivery assignment as a secret shopper.

Things to look out for while mystery shopping at a restaurant

Here are some tips for deciding what you look should look out for if you're mystery shopping at a restaurant.

What a restaurant can gain from mystery shoppers

More than ever, it's been found that hospitality matters in a restaurant, according to Hotel News Resource.

Tips for completing grocery shopping assignments

Mystery shoppers who have not taken on a grocery shopping opportunity should consider trying it out.

Mystery shopping in high demand despite digital connectivity

Even though the world is becoming increasingly digitized and connected, the need for mystery shoppers has not decreased.

Get an inside look at restaurant service with mystery shoppers

Finding servers that provide exceptional service in a restaurant can be difficult.

Tips for building mystery shoppers' value in the digital age

As many industries put greater emphasis on big data to understand their customers' behavior, you could ask the question: Why are secret shoppers relevant in today's digital world?

Coffee shops pressured to provide high-quality customer service

When customers visit coffee shops, the quality of the staff might earn more customer satisfaction and loyalty than low prices, according to J.D. Supra's inaugural Specialty Coffee Roaster Retailer Satisfaction Report.

Restaurants can reduce carbon footprint, improve customer satisfaction

Restaurants might find that they can reduce their carbon footprint and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in one fell swoop.

Sacrificing service in restaurants can cost servers tips

A recent study revealed that U.S. consumers do not feel so obligated to tip workers in the service industry that they are willing to overlook poor service.

Half of customers report slow payments at restaurants

A recent study found that restaurants and bars need to speed up payments if they want to encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consumers rank fast food companies high for customer satisfaction

Fast food chains Subway, Chick-fil-A and Starbucks topped rankings for the best customer experiences, according to a survey by the Temkin Group.

Some restaurants looking to 'right-size' their meal proportions

McDonald's may have popularized the idea of 'super-sizing' an order, but many restaurants are now taking the opposite approach - and boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty in the process.

Dunkin' Donuts continues to delight

The 16th annual national survey from brand loyalty and engagement consultancy Brand Keys awarded Dunkin' Donuts for its superior customer satisfaction and loyalty for the sixth straight year.

Restaurants prepare for increased business on Valentine's Day

While the economy helped shape many consumers' decisions to opt for less expensive options last Valentine's Day, this year restaurants may want to prep their customer experience management strategies in anticipation of a return to romantic dining out.

Vancouver restaurants test out QR codes

A number of Canadian restaurants are hoping to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by going high-tech.

Illinois pizza place retains customers with rewards, customer service

A pizza establishment in South Barrington, Illinois, is going above and beyond the traditional fare, service and offerings of many other Italian eateries in an effort to retain customer loyalty and satisfaction, Quintessential Barrington reports.

Restaurants to battle for market share in 2012

Restaurants will continue to face budgetary challenges in 2012, forcing them to focus on customer experience management.

Restaurant's customer service initiative designed to compete against top Italian chains

Lexington, Kentucky-based Fazoli's restaurant is overhauling its dated approach to food and service in hopes of swaying customers to give them a second chance, the Herald-Leader reports.

Inspection grades hit Hartford

An unsanitary restaurant can go a long way toward damaging a restaurant's customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More than one-quarter of Americans plan to give restaurant gift cards

Restaurant gift cards are reported to be a hot item this holiday season, demonstrating customer satisfaction and loyalty with consumers' favorite food hubs.

100 million Americans to dine out on New Year's Eve

In anticipation of New Year's Eve, restaurants nationwide are revving up their customer satisfaction and loyalty management strategies to meet the needs of festive diners.

Yelp provides customer satisfaction management benchmarks

Feedback from consumers is one of the primary ways restaurant managers can address issues at their establishments.

Are restrooms a window to a business' soul?

An unkempt bathroom can go a long way toward enforcing a negative image in a consumer's mind about the quality of an establishment's product or service, hurting customer satisfaction and loyalty down the road.

More than three-quarters of Americans concerned about restaurant food waste

Environmental awareness and sustainability continue to permeate public consciousness and are beginning to influence consumer demand.

Alcohol sales in bars and restaurants to grow next year

Despite a weak economy with limited wage growth and widespread unemployment, analysts expect the sale of alcohol to improve in coming months.

Large food portions: Indicative of status?

There's a widespread American stereotype that bigger is better. Houses, cars, TVs, buildings - all these things are collectively deemed more valuable as their size increases.

Study: Demand for organic food swells despite slow economy

Organic food has been growing in popularity in recent years, particularly as Americans become more conscious of their health.

Restaurant owner optimism spikes in September

Even as consumers move to cut back on their spending in recent months, particularly on discretionary items such as dining out, the restaurant industry still appears to be running strong.

Tap water begins to gather elbow room in restaurant beverage orders

With a number of public campaigns against high-calorie drinks such as juice and soda, one might expect consumption of these beverages to have risen in recent years.

Despite economy, Americans still opting for organic foods

Although they're reeling from rising food costs, high unemployment and weak wage growth, Americans still seem to prefer natural and organic food items and groceries.

More than one-quarter of Americans don't know how to cook

Restaurants and grocery stores seem to offer similar products and services, but when it comes to consumer demand the relationship between the two seems to follow an inverse pattern.

Regular coffee still preferable to specialty alternatives

Americans love their coffee, and new research suggests they like it as-is.

Eating healthy may be more expensive than many thought

It's a much-referenced complaint among consumers that they would like to eat more healthy, but it's just too expensive. Well, a new study published in the journal Health Affairs provides a factual basis for this concern.

Restaurants struggle to address consumers' health-value scale

Downturns in the market tend to affect various industries in different ways.

Burger growing in popularity among U.S. consumers

Despite the struggling economy and the tightening of individual consumer budgets, burgers are still one of the most popular meal options in the U.S.

Emotional intelligence and the restaurant industry

In the restaurant industry, business owners need to rely on the good nature and service standards of their staff, perhaps more so than in other industries.

Restaurateurs adopting sustainability efforts in response to consumer demand

Green marketing is an increasingly important aspect of business promotion and advertising, as consumers continue to demand sustainable or environmentally sound practices from their choice brands.

Study: Majority of consumers believe food/restaurant prices are rising

Consumers appear increasingly worried about rising prices in the food and restaurant industries.