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Tips for completing grocery shopping assignments

Mystery shoppers who have not taken on a grocery shopping opportunity should consider trying it out. Completing new types of shops not only improves your skills as a secret shopper, it can save you money on useful items you would purchase anyway. The more variety you add to your mystery shopping resume, the more likely you are to land the shopping jobs you want.

What to expect at a grocery gig
Grocery stores and supermarkets often employ mystery shoppers to gauge their employees' skills, the cleanliness of the entire premises and the level of knowledge offered up by each department. As with any mystery shop, Mystery Shopper Magazine reiterated the importance of sticking to the script and requirements for supermarket shops. Sometimes, the client is only interested in how staff interacts with shoppers. There very well may be a script or list of questions the shopper must ask. Be sure to memorize these beforehand. One way to segue into these inquiries, so they don't sound too forced, is starting out with your own genuine questions first. There is nothing wrong with leading up to the required questions.

Other companies will ask that you make a specific purchase or focus on a single department. If this is the case, it is wise not to veer too far off-course. While it might be tempting to do personal shopping while you're on the job, complete the mystery shop first and foremost.

As Mystery Shopper's Manual pointed out, supermarket and restaurant shops might be the first to get picked up by shoppers as they offer additional perks other than a simple fee. Being able to eat for less than it would normally cost is a great deal. Register with legitimate mystery shopping companies and be on the lookout for these in order to grab them when they become available.

Rates typical to grocery shops
The fees associated with grocery mystery shopping jobs vary greatly. Some gigs will reimburse you completely for the purchases made up to a certain dollar amount. Others will reimburse you and pay an additional fee on top of that. There are also shops that reimburse customer expenses up to 50 percent. Mystery Shopper's Manual also noted that often those that reimburse up to certain amounts give a spending range within which shoppers must stay. If this is the case, maximize your reimbursements. If a company offers to repay you 50 percent of whatever you spend between $20 and $50, spend the full $50. You'll not only receive $25 back, you'll have $50 worth of groceries. Focus on how much you get to keep, in terms of both money and food, before accepting a grocery shop.

Have fun with it
Take the opportunity to try out a new recipe or ingredients that you wouldn't normally want to pay for. If you'll be getting repaid for a particular spice you've wanted to incorporate into your meals, this is the time to go for it. 

Plus, many high-end grocers are gearing up for the holidays with their featured products, sales and samples. Take advantage of this cool opportunity to invest in holiday staples you and your family will need during the season anyway. It's highly likely supermarkets and grocery stores will be looking for mystery shoppers to assess their employees when it comes to promoting popular Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah food items. 

If you are asked to create your own questions but assigned to a specific department, take the opportunity to really learn something new. Mystery shopping in grocery stores can be fun and entertaining.