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Big box retailers missing the mark of customer experience

Businesses are becoming aware of the increasing importance of customer experience management. This emerging strategy requires companies to monitor every touch point through which shoppers interact with the business, from websites and mobile applications to help lines and customer service representatives.

Unfortunately, only 6 percent of businesses believe they are currently utilizing best practices in their own stores, according to marketing firm nFusion and business process management company Pegasystems.

Big box retailers may be among the companies that have yet to get a handle on managing the entire customer experience. A recent poll by Empathica revealed consumers visit the stores for low prices, but once there, don't have great shopping experiences. In fact, two out of five shoppers said the chains failed to provide personalized service. The primary reason respondents cited for choosing these brands was price.

"While price is the most important factor to most U.S. consumers shopping at big box retailers, not all retailers can offer the lowest price, so they must find other ways to stay ahead of the competition," said Dr. Gary Edwards, chief customer officer of Empathica.

"One such way is customer experience - by offering location convenience, a wide selection of products and exceptional customer service, big box retailers can drive customer loyalty," Edwards added.

Companies that want to establish their brands as customer experience management leaders will need to address the goals internally, advises Business 2 Community. The news agency suggests marketers and company heads gather and discuss the advantages of the strategy, such as the development of a customer-centric corporate culture and better financial performance.

Once businesses are aligned in their customer satisfaction and loyalty efforts, they can begin breaking down traditional silos that might get in the way of a holistic perspective of a shopper's experience with the brand so they can make improvements.