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Businesses acknowledge customer satisfaction across all sectors

According to a recent Manufacturing Insights study of 800 companies, more than 70 percent reported that their most important business objective was to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, Spend Matters reports.

The tenets of good customer service standards are fairly uniform throughout all industries, according to the Ashland Current. From sectors such as restaurant and retail, where retaining customer satisfaction and loyalty is a primary driver of sales, to the manufacturing industry, where creating relationships isn't always front and center, the same basic principles still apply.

"If you look at how the retail industry values relationships, the manufacturing industry would also value the concepts of relationships and reputation," explains Ted Schick of leadership development company Schick Corporate Learning.

He adds that the first step in developing good customer service in the manufacturing industry, like in most others, is taking the time to evaluate how employees deliver it.

"In order for you to display all of the attributes of good service you first and foremost have to like, if not love, what you do," Shick tells the media outlet.

Prior to employees influencing how customers are treated, managers should communicate with them to address any issues, as an unhappy employee may not foster new client relationships or handle customer requests correctly.