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Canadians use grocery flyers in wake of recession

Grocery store flyers and circulars are used by consumers throughout the U.S. and Canada to research deals and savings for weekly shopping trips. More importantly, such trends are especially popular during difficult economic times.

In Canada, despite the country's relatively strong economy in comparison to the U.S. and Europe, shoppers show a particular regard for grocery flyers. According to a report released this week by research firm Synovate, nearly half of Canadian households check grocery flyers before shopping and another 24 percent claim they review them quite often.

Households with children tend to check flyers on a weekly basis more often than homes with no children, by a margin of 75 percent to 70 percent. The data suggests the market downturn has had an effect in making Canadians more frugal with their shopping dollar.

"Today's grocery sector is extremely competitive and the battle to attract shoppers is intense," said Adrian Murphy, a vice president at Synovate. "It's clear that checking flyers every week is the norm for many grocery shoppers, who are using them as a time saving means to comparison shop different retailers from the comfort of their home."