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Companies turn to mobile to reach ever-connected customers

Consumers are continually turning to ecommerce instead of going to brick-and-mortar stores, and choosing to voice their complaints and compliments via social networks rather than call centers. As shoppers become even more connected with their mobile devices, it is vital for businesses to reach out to them on those channels if they want to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consumers are becoming increasingly connected, using their mobile devices for online shopping more often, a WorldPay study revealed. Moreover, they are visiting ecommerce sites, browsing products and making purchases while they are doing other activities such as watching TV (59 percent), listening to music (42 percent) and talking to family or friends (29 percent).

Since shoppers are integrating shopping experiences with their daily activities, they are also giving companies the opportunity to reach them there. Forbes calls this trend hypermobility and points out that customers' behaviors are changing as they continue investing in technology and downloading apps that will keep them constantly connected.

Some companies have already developed strategies that leverage mobile technology to deliver customer service and loyalty programs. Women's clothing store Charlotte Russe, for example, conducted research to find out which channel its customers were using most, according to RICG. The findings revealed the brand's clientele were more likely to send text messages to their friends than call. Using that information, Charlotte Russe developed a mobile marketing loyalty campaign and was able to boost participation by 300 percent.