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Company launches loyalty program aimed at money trashers

If you've ever visited a CVS/Pharmacy, you've likely encountered one of its trademarks - the unnaturally long receipt. They're an integral part of its customer satisfaction and loyalty program, ExtraBucks Rewards, which is the largest retail loyalty program in the country, notes Loyalty360. More than 69 million people earn rewards by shopping at CVS, but due to the general tendency to throw them away, many shoppers were still not taking advantage of the potential savings.

In July, CVS launched phase one of its Money Trashers campaign to encourage more ExtraCare cardholders to take advantage of rewards. It redesigned its receipts to display deals more prominently, and integrated social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to offer fans and followers sneak peaks at exclusive deals. There are also videos released by the company that have gone viral.

"These campaigns foster a sense of community among our cardholders and make it even easier for our customers to share their excitement about the ExtraCare Rewards program, which ultimately helps more people learn how to participate in the program and save more during their shopping trips," Melissa Studzinski, Vice President of Customer Management, told the news source.

CVS' ExtraCare Rewards program is now in its 11th year of existence, 1to1 Media points out.