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Consumers trying new fashion retailers in spite of weak economy

Fashion is not exactly a recession-proof industry, but consumers at least appear willing to try new brands and outlets during difficult economic times. According to a recent survey by Market Force, more than twice as many consumers visited a new fashion retailer for the first time this year than they did over the same period in 2010.

Additionally, 32 percent of consumers surveyed in October claim to have tried a new fashion retailer within the past 90 days, more than double the figure noted last year.

Of the individuals who tried a new fashion retailer, 75 percent claim to have made a purchase during that visit, up from 59 percent in 2010.

The findings offer a bit of contrast to recent retail and consumer spending trends, which have been largely tepid and non-committal given the recent economic slowdown.

"The fact that consumers are trying new retailers is good news for brands in this economy," said Janet Eden-Harris, chief marketing officer at Market Force. "It shows that retailers are getting more effective at drawing new consumers into their doors. And our data shows that one of the best ways to do that is to consistently delight those customers with great service and good merchandise selection."