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Contractors prefer big box retailers over distributors

Big box retailers are showing their diversity - attracting both consumers and professional companies thanks to effective customer experience management.

A recent survey from Eric Mower + Associates' Contractor Insight revealed that nearly half of all purchases made by contractors are at big box retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe's, rather than traditional distributors.

Survey respondents espoused their preference for big box retailers due to a number of factors, including a better variety of products, lower pricing and greater convenience. Additionally, 63 percent of respondents noted they prefer retailers for small purchases.

"Retailers score high for variety and convenience, but that's not the whole story for brand marketers; they must 'see' the customer as a shopper, not only as a contractor. If they don't ... know the shopper's journey or how to align their product in the retail environment ... they will not reach full potential in the aisles," said John O'Hara, partner and leader of EMA's Contractor Insight specialty.

Retailers in other sectors may take heed as well and apply their consumer segments' special interests and needs to their strategies.