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Demographic targeting key to airport retail

Retailers are diversifying their customer experience management environments and strategies, offering consumers smaller shops and more options.

Many businesses are looking to capitalize on the growing airport retail market. In fact, many airports now play host to more than just souvenir stands and quick eats - some offer high-end shopping experiences as well as giving local retailers a chance to reach a national or international clientele.

A recent article from the Los Angeles Times claims that airport retailers are also attempting to appeal more to their clientele, which is increasingly made up of young people, business travelers and affluent individuals.

"Airports are trying to match up the demographics of their passengers," said Bruce Boudreau, director of airport consulting firm LeighFisher. "In a place with more business travelers, you're more likely to see electronics shops. In a place with more tourists, you're more likely to see toy stores. [In] places with an affluent clientele, more international travelers, you'll have more duty-free shops."

Airport retailers should ensure they stay consistent with current market trends. As the economy improves, their target audience may as well.