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Grocery stores blend new and old customers service strategies

To meet the needs of today's connected consumers, grocery stores are blending elements of new and old customer service strategies. Brick Meets Click surveyed 23,000 customers for its Modern Grocery Shoppers study that outlines ways stores can develop more effective multichannel customer satisfaction and loyalty programs.

"The study confirms that today's shopper is combining online planning with in-store visits to make their grocery shopping more informed, cost-effective and enjoyable," said Scott Lutz, CEO and president at GSN. "It's a candid, independent assessment that will help us better meet shopper needs."

The study revealed 80 percent of customers find printed weekly circulars helpful, while 70 percent like online ads. Shoppers don't just visit grocery store websites to check prices, they print non-coupon recipes and build online shopping lists in addition. Tech-savvy customers are also interested in using mobile applications. Twenty-one percent of respondents already use them and 40 percent said they would consider adding them.

Some grocery brands such as SuperValu, which operates Albertsons, Cub Foods and Shop n' Save stores have already developed mobile applications to meet consumers' demands, according to Mobile Commerce Daily. The apps can help shoppers save money and time while promoting loyalty with the store.