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How ecommerce stores can improve the customer experience

Ecommerce retailers can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing users with the best online shopping experience.

Web-based retailers should make sure their online stores are consistent - with branding messages, across pages on the site and across channels. Businesses should also take advantage of personalization services to present customers with a targeted message that can improve the overall shopping experience.

Stores can anonymously track consumers' behavior and dynamically display content tailored to each users' tastes and preferences. The key is to look at what shoppers are searching for rather than just looking at what they're buying, according to Ecommerce Times.

One of the most effective ways for businesses to improve the quality of a customer's online buying experience as well as boost the probability of sales is to streamline the transaction process. Currently, abandonment rate - the number of customers who visit a website, put items in their cart and leave without buying anything - average about 60 percent. To bring that number down, ecommerce sites can simplifying the checkout process.

Amazon implemented this strategy when it introduced the one-click shopping function on the website, according to the News Herald. The easy function encourages impulse buying and makes it easier for customers to make quick and convenient purchases, the source reports.