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In Europe, Men gravitate to online shopping more than women

There's a stereotype that women love to shop. While some studies have shown that they spend more on certain items than men, when it comes to online shopping, men may take the cake.

According to a survey of European consumers conducted by CB Richard Ellis, women claim to shop online once a month, while men report buying from ecommerce retailers once every two-and-a-half weeks.

Surprisingly, consumers are beginning to embrace online clothing and fashion retail. According to the report, only 33 percent of respondents refrain from shopping online for apparel due to the inability to touch and feel products before buying them.

Still, the deciding factor over where to shop seems to be price - for both genders - suggesting retailers still need to offer competitive prices regardless of their distribution or promotional channels.

"In challenging economic times it is the multi-channel proposition that improves customer choice and also provides the most dynamic solution for retailers," said Peter Gold, head of cross Border retail EMEA at CB Richard Ellis.