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Location-based app used at Apple store

An Apple Store in Palo Alto, California, recently took customer experience to new levels with help from an iPhone app, The New York Times reports.

Apple Stores are already equipped with iPads mounted next to products should a consumer need assistance. He or she can tap a button on the iPad to request help, which alerts an Apple employee to go to that specific location.

However, a new Apple Store app acts as a customer experience management tool, alerting employees to the location of a shopper who has come to pick up a purchase.

"It's more toward customer experience," Palo Alto store employee Diego Aguirre told the news source. "We don't want to feel like we're hassling our customers to shop. We want them to feel at home."

The app works by alerting workers on their iPhones, prompting them to bring the person his or her preordered purchase. A total of 16 customers used the app during Black Friday.

While the technology cuts down on queuing time, other ventures into location-tracking of shoppers have not been as successful. CNN Money reports that malls received negative feedback for experimenting with software that tracks customer movement via their mobile devices.