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Mobile mystery shoppers could be next big thing

Mystery shoppers should be on the lookout for job opportunities in the mobile and tablet shopping world. Purchasing products on the move is becoming an increasingly popular pastime for consumers.

BizReport claims that 46 percent of people who own smartphones or tablets use them to browse websites in search of the items they would like to purchase. Comparisons between shops are also made from phones on the go rather than at home or in person. This means that a user's experience via mobile apps will become increasingly important to consumers and may affect whether or not a purchase happens down the line. Some users visit a store in person only after they have a good experience using the mobile site.

The New Zealand Herald reports that due to a 127 percent increase in mobile purchases, retailers are attempting to present their apps to users in a way that resembles the actual website as much as possible. Due to the incredible range of options a smartphone or tablet user has when shopping online, maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction will be crucial. In addition, companies will have to find more ways to make their apps exciting and capable to hold a user's attention for longer periods of time.

Mystery shoppers should keep close tabs on this trend because companies looking to test their mobile app will likely increase as quickly as online shopping itself has. Reviews of app navigability, product information display and payment options are just several of the many items a business may need you to test and report. Any secret shopper with an already packed schedule can appreciate the convenience of being able to contribute their time to a retailer or client while on the go.