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Mobile strategy key to brand survival in digital age

Brands that want to survive evolving consumer trends, which focus more on digital channels both inside and out of brick-and-mortar stores, are facing what Retail Customer Experience calls "digital Darwinism." Retailers and brands must leverage mobile strategies to give customers the personalized experience they want, or become extinct, the source reports. 

The business model has shifted. The days of talking to customers - engaging them in a one-way conversation -  have passed. Now, shoppers expect a meaningful connection and two-way dialog, reports the news source. If brands can adopt a mobile strategy that touches everything and truly personalizes the experience, they will win consumers' hearts and wallets.

Some retailers are worried the mobile revolution will make stores irrelevant, but this isn't true. A recent study by online local media company Local Corporation found that 90 percent of consumers say brick-and-mortar locations are still important to the shopping experience.

To meet consumers' expectations for a highly-interactive experience tailored to their personal preferences, businesses such as Gymboree are developing multichannel retail strategies. They expect the approach will enhance the shopping experience and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty