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Mothers points to the future of shopping

With the holiday shopping season nearly underway, it may be a good time to take a look at the how market trends are affecting the most active shoppers: mothers. A study released this week by parenting brand BabyCenter and comScore analyzes the attitudes and preferences of today's active moms.

According to the report, moms spend more money online in several major categories compared to the general population. For example, they spend twice as much on video games, hardware and software, and nearly as much in apparel and office supplies.

However, the typical shopping mother appears far more stressed and hurried than the average woman. Survey respondents described shopping as a relaxed, impulsive and social routine before becoming a mother, but that it became far more stressful and overwhelming as a parent.

"Motherhood triggers immense change and moms are using digital tools and services to shop. 86 percent of moms use social media regularly and 40 percent of moms have shopped via a mobile browser in the past 30 days," said Tina Sharkey, chairman and president of BabyCenter.

Sharkey also pointed out that mothers have become leading indicators for the future of shopping.