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Mystery shopping grocery stores

Mystery shopping grocery stores is a very lucrative business for both the shopper and the business. Super Market News recently cited the importance of the customer experience when it comes to grocery stores, and this becomes even more relevant considering that most people can do their shopping online. Internet shopping is starting to penetrate even the world of supermarkets, and additionally, there tend to be competing grocers in most neighborhoods to begin with.

This is where the mystery shopper can step in and provide a neutral explanation of his or her shopping experience. There also benefits to you! You may get a certain amount of free food from your trip in compensation - check with your company to be sure. Remember this when you write your grocery list for the store. If brands aren't an issue, then buy the ones you like.

It is likely that the business will provide relevant timing points and areas to explore to a mystery shopper in advance, but one of the secrets to being a really great mystery shopper is to provide more information than someone initially asks for.

Points of interest for a mystery shop
The average store owner wants to know about the customer experience, and this can be done by shopping for the same basic items you would buy if you weren't completing an assignment. Make a mental map of the store and see if you can navigate it easily. Most mystery shoppers will be asked to do certain tasks. Find out everything that helps and hinders the fulfillment of these tasks. For example, is the staff helpful? Is it difficult to find certain items? How does the layout of the aisles help or hinder your search?

Most people don't pay attention to the order in which they buy things, but on average, the first thing someone walks into when he or she goes into a grocery is the produce department, and so often people buy produce first. If this store is different, that would be quite a change from the norm.

How to take advantage of the benefits from mystery shopping a grocer
Mystery Shoppers Manual reminds us that many people become mystery shoppers because they often get reimbursed for their expenses. Grocery stores are one of the major places where this comes into play. If you're going to mystery shop a grocery store, remember to do so if the price is right - namely, if you get reimbursed for buying what you would normally buy. Don't be stuck with the bill if you don't have to be.

One additional tip is to use the reimbursements wisely. Don't spend money on what you wouldn't normally buy. Additionally, if the company allows it, use coupons to maximize your savings. Mystery shopping is hard work, and sometimes a little thrift even when on assignment can make the money someone makes from doing the job go a little farther.