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Neiman Marcus improving customer service online

To improve online customer satisfaction and loyalty, high-end retailer Neiman Marcus has invested in a service that provides customers with personalized recommendations.

The ChoiceStream CONNECT platform offers smarter personalization services to bring the quality of online shopping closer to that of the in-store experience with a sales associate. Customers that visit Neiman Marcus' online store will receive custom product suggestions that are based on a complete view of a person's shopping history.

Rather than services that base suggestions solely on the last purchase made, the website uses an algorithm to understand both short- and long-term shopping patterns, CONNECT vice president and general manager, Millie Park told Destination CRM. The algorithm helps differentiate between one-time gift purchases, trends and personal preferences to determine what merchandise might be best suited for each customer, Parks said.

"Few retail brands have the iconic reputation that Neiman Marcus does for providing the 'personal touch' to their customers," said Steve Johnson, ChoiceStream CEO and co-founder. "We're committed to creating an online shopping experience that meets the gold standard of quality and service for which Neiman Marcus is famous."

With improved personal service online, retailers can offer customers a more engaging and convenient shopping experience that also encourages loyalty.