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Retail customer service simpler than it sounds

AT&T's retail customer service scores are the highest in the wireless industry, and there aren't any fancy tricks of the trade that employees are using to deliver such positive results.

Forbes reports that President of Retail Paul Roth provides each of his store managers with five steps for employees to apply that guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Workers should welcome each customer with a warm and friendly greeting, use their first name whenever possible and give them undivided attention. This means maintaining eye contact and avoiding any distractions.

Also, a simple phrase, "I can help you," should be used as the answer to most questions, no matter what the issue.

"Once this happens, it transfers ownership of the issue from the customer to the employee," Roth told the news source. "The customer feels as though they have won an advocate."

Lastly, thanking the customer for coming and walking them out the door is another seemingly insignificant tactic that makes a big difference in the long run.

While Roth's method may be working in stores, AT&T is still lagging when it comes to its actual service. The carrier ranked last among major cellphone players - Verizon, T Mobile and Sprint - in a recent Consumer Reports survey.