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Retailer goes tech-savvy with digital employee

While retailers have taken great pains to keep up with technology trends in customer experience management, it may be growing increasingly difficult as technology becomes ever more complex.

Take for instance the example of the Bay, a downtown Toronto store. When consumers enter the brick-and-mortar retail edifice they will be greeted by 5-foot 8-inch digital image, who the store calls Anna, the Globe and Mail reports.

Anna greets customers from her glass tower in the center of the store and explains to them the Bay's new selection of interactive, high-end gifts, the source writes. The technological, heel-wearing woman is prompted by sensors as consumers approach. Ultimately, the retailer hopes that the new technology will help set the store apart.

"We're investigating, like all retailers, what's next for us," Alison Coville, a senior vice-president at the Bay, told the news source. "Anna is there to stop you. It"s intriguing when you see this attractive woman standing on a mirrored screen. She talks to you a little about the boutique and what's happening. The screens and the displays do the silent selling."

Other retailers may not resort to holographic employees to become more tech-savvy, but that doesn't mean they're not paying attention to new trends such as mobile checkout and apps.