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Retailers can improve customer experience via text message

Many retailers are working with budgetary restrictions this holiday season, according to the New York Times. Specifically, 44 percent of retail companies don't operate with large advertising budgets and must come up with cost-effective ways to bring people to stores to create customer loyalty and satisfaction.

One solution being offered by shopping mall operator DDR takes text message marketing to new levels by allowing retailers to reach customers who are near their stores via text. The tactic is similar to geo-fencing or geo-location technology made popular by apps such as foursquare, as it lets retailers send texts to consumers based on their geographic location.

DDR owns 27 open-air malls, all of which are now enabled with the new technology. The news source notes that this can benefit small businesses, which can create customized offers, and large ones that can use mobile devices as an additional platform on top of mailing lists and their own websites to promote deals.

Customers are given the option to opt-in before they receive any notifications, Retail Customer Experience notes.