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Retailers can use smartphones to improve customer service

Mobile technology that allows customers to research and purchase products online might not actually be an enemy to brick-and-mortar stores, according to Retail Customer Experience. It can actually be a helpful tool to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Retailers need to figure out how to leverage the technology to enhance the customer service experience that shoppers will love, said the director of digital strategy and Arc Worldwide Molly Garris as reported by the source.

Garris outlined ways that merchants can implement technologies to encourage sales and continued patronage, including helping shoppers prepare, inviting them to the store, showing them around, helping them decide, encouraging them to share, making transactions easier, ensuring satisfaction and inviting them back, the source reports.

Some stores are finding ways to help customers in stores with mobile apps. Kroger, a grocery store chain, has developed an app that enables customers to create shopping lists and pairs items with promotional deals and coupons.

Other stores are printing QR codes on product tags around the stores, so shoppers can scan them with smartphones and get product information right on their devices. Mobile apps can also reward customers with coupons and deals just for visiting the store and also thank them for visiting.