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Retailers need to strike respectful balance with point-of-sale research questions

One technique the retailers have adopted in an effort to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with their products and services is offering help and perks, such as checking to see if they need help out to their car, collecting ZIP codes or asking if they have a rewards card.

Yet some experts say the barrage of questions - whether they be purely to help consumers or not - is putting shoppers off, the Christian Science Monitor reports. However, the wealth of information and business retailers get from offering consumers additional products or tracking their purchasing patterns is unlikely to cause them to stay mum at the register.

"Retailers can learn a lot from buying patterns. That's why sales associates so persistently ask customers to sign up for loyalty incentives, also known as rewards, preferred-customer, or frequent-buyer programs," the Monitor writes.

However, retailers will want to be careful when asking consumers questions or offering up related products. Pushing an item or sale too hard can turn customers off, [and] cause a store to lose a sale or even a customer.

The key is to be respectful of a consumer[s] and make sure they know the time they spend shopping in the store or answering questions at a check-out counter is appreciated.