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Small gestures equal big gains during holidays

During the holiday shopping rush, it's the little things that retail employees do that create return consumers and increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction and loyalty, Retail Customer Experience reports.

Outside of getting a good deal, the primary reason people do business with companies is because they expect a top-notch store experience and want to leave feeling good about their purchases.

This can be done a variety of ways. For one, welcoming a customer and treating them like an old friend can be comforting.

"In my experience, and in speaking with other consumers, those first five minutes you experience in a place of business can make or break a shopper's relationship with a retailer," customer service and sales training expert Laurie Brown told Retail Touch Points. "People have an abundance of patience but no tolerance for being ignored."

Furthermore, RCE explains that customers tend to remember if employees are smiling and if they seem to enjoy their job. Another plus is acting generally interested in helping the consumer and every person on his or her shopping list. Holding the door open as a person leaves, looking the customer in the eye, making sure he or she doesn't feel rushed and wishing them a Happy Holiday should also be considered.