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Study finds home improvement shoppers not loyal

Home improvement stores could benefit from developing relationships with shoppers that could improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, since a new study by The Integer Group and Decision Analyst finds that most are not loyal.

The Revealing the Motivations that Drive Home Improvement Shoppers report found that seven out of 10 consumers are not loyal to brands when it comes to making bigger purchases.

"Considering it may be three, five, even 10 years between purchases of home improvement items - ranging from flooring and gutters to kitchen cabinets and faucets - it's not so surprising that shoppers turn to new brands when it's time to replace or upgrade," said Frank Maher, president of The Integer Group's Midwest office and chief operating officer of The Integer Group.

However, this just means there is room to improve, Maher explains. Home improvement brands can boost loyalty and turn once-in-a-while shoppers into long-term patrons by listening to customers and understanding their shopping behaviors. In paritcular, the companies can improve service efforts by identifying the different types of shoppers and understanding how to best engage with them both during and after the purchase, the study finds.