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Using social media to improve customer service

Failure to listen to customer complaints and feedback about service can cost a company in sales. Businesses can use reviews, comments and criticism to ensure they're meeting customers' needs, or fixing what isn't working.

Social media has given customers a way to voice their opinions that they've never had before, Laura Thomas, a marketing communications and senior consultant at Dell, told Information Week. By paying attention to what consumers are saying, business can develop the best strategies for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In order to get the best results, companies should solicit the service to let customers know that they are paying attention, monitor what consumers are saying about it and collect the data over time. It is important to analyze it all together for a holistic picture to weed out one-time negative responses from single respondents, the source reports. 

"We've seen a significant decline in negative commentary about our products and services - proof that the ability to listen and respond instantly is a smart investment in any company's future and a way to continually improve both business and customer relations," Thomas said about launching a social networking campaign for customer service.