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Visa has best customer sentiment ranking of card brands

Visa secured the top spot for best-liked credit card, according to a report on the Netbase Brand Passion Index. The credit card company ranked highest across three categories - the amount of consumer discussion about a brand, the degree to which it is liked or disliked, and the intensity with which it is liked or disliked.

Visa beats out competitors American Express, MasterCard and Discover card because of its versatility, according to the report by Business 2 Community. The company generated 43.7 percent of the overall buzz about credit cards and is the most well-liked brand.

Visa offers cards that appeal to a variety of consumers, reports the source. Users are generating conversations about the brand on social media platforms, discussing how to repair a credit score, how to develop a credit score and how to rack up miles or rewards, the study showed.

Additional findings included that MasterCard and American Express rank lower in customer sentiment as the result of higher fees, difficulty using the card online and poor advertising.

Because of the company's customer satisfaction and loyalty, Visa cards are used in 38 percent of all credit card payments and 60 percent of all debit card payments, earning $9 billion in annual revenue.