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When do shoppers make a purchase decision?

When do shoppers make their final decision over a purchase? Is it before they even enter the store, or is it while viewing the options before them? Marketers have long debated this issue, but new research suggests the question is not that simple.

A study released this week by the Private Label Manufacturers Association and Buxton consumer research suggest the decision-making process is an ongoing one that varies according to a number of factors.

"The nationwide poll of 1,170 shoppers found that shoppers tend to be engaged fully in a process for purchase decisions that starts with that list of items at home, visiting stores and walking the aisles, then considering a variety options and alternatives to their planned purchases prior to deciding what to buy at the shelves," reports Michael Johnsen for Drug Store news.

However, two-thirds of surveyed consumers claim they rely on shopping lists. In doing so, roughly 60 percent of shoppers claim they rarely or never list a product by brand name, although half claim to have a brand in mind.

Half of all respondents stated they would buy a store brand if the national brand were not available, while less than one-quarter would buy a separate national brand instead.