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Mystery shoppers can improve the retail experience

To beat lagging sales, retailers need to create experiences for customers.

How tech startups can improve customer satisfaction

Mystery shoppers can help to improve customer support over digital platforms.

3 ways mystery shopping can improve nursing homes

Mystery shoppers can help improve your quality of service.

7 ways your mystery shopping report can enhance employee engagement

When completed thoroughly and honestly, mystery shopping reports will provide companies and its employees with an abundance of useful information.

How employees can give the best customer service

Here are some ways you can give the best customer service possible. 

Improving your mystery shopping strategies

If you're new to secret shopping or are just looking to sharpen your skills, here are some strategies that could help.

Avoiding mystery shopper bias

In secret shopping, it is vital to eliminate all bias and focus strictly on the facts.

Asking smart mystery shopping questions

In a lot of ways, the role of a mystery shopper is comparable to a newspaper reporter.

The importance of intercept surveys

Learning about your patrons is essential when it comes to developing a high level of customer service.

Mystery shopping as a form of competitive intelligence

Have you ever thought about what the stores across town are up to?

How POS and mystery shopping work together

Some retailers and restaurants may feel like they no longer need mystery shopping because of the rise of integrated payments systems at the point of sale.

Understanding telephone mystery shopping

There's no wrong way to run a mystery shopping program for your business.

How mystery shopping affects employees

As a retailer, you know that mystery shopping can have a great impact on how your business is seen by others.

The truth about hotel mystery shopping

Mystery shopping at a hotel might sound like the ultimate vacation, but there is definitely an art to this tricky assignment. It takes time, guts and experience.

Improving the over-the-phone customer experience

One of the most frequently referenced frustrations among customers who offer negative business reviews is poor service over the phone.

How mystery shopping sustains strong customer service

Companies build their brand on their customer service, which can be most effectively measured using a mystery shopper.

Old-fashioned customer service is still important

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the importance of omnichannel customer service.

National Small Business Week is a good time to seek mystery shopping services

In the midst of National Small Business Week, smaller companies should remember that customer service can make a huge impact on sales

What does the MSPA-NA offer for mystery shoppers?

By joining the Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America, secret shoppers are able to take advantage of several benefits.

3 red flags retirees need to look for when considering mystery shopping

Retirees need to do some research to find out which organizations are legitimate and aren't looking to take advantage of people looking to make some extra cash.

Utilize mystery shopping to keep quality high

Providing high-quality products and services is something every business should strive for. Mystery shoppers can secretly and discretely come through a store and make sure everything is up to par, something that could be helpful especially in the food service industry.

Fixing customer service in retail via mystery shopping

Everyone has had a bad experience in retail shopping at some point.

Online mystery shopping could become more common

Every business that exists today needs to have an Internet presence to ensure users have a pleasant experience.

Help brands keep their customer experiences up by mystery shopping

No one likes to have a bad customer experience. Going into a store, restaurant or hotel means people are expecting to be treated right and have their demands met.

New year to bring unique customer experience trends

The best mystery shoppers are those who keep up with what is expected of modern customer service. 

How businesses can put their mystery shopping data to practical use

Mystery shopping alone doesn't guarantee long-term growth. There is much to do before and after the use of a mystery shopping program in order for the results to be effective and drive measurable improvements in customer service.

Take your mystery shopping job to the next level

Many individuals find that mystery shopping is a great way to make some extra money on the side.

Tried and true - retail assignments provide mystery shoppers with jobs

Retail assignments are what most people think about when they hear the term "mystery shopper."

Would you make a great mystery shopper?

Many people have heard about mystery shopping but don't know the ins and outs of the industry.

Ten things mystery shoppers should look for on a hotel assignment

As the result of recent trends in the hospitality industry, hoteliers are enlisting the help of mystery shopping companies to provide a transparent evaluation of service standards.

Kroger experiences strong growth based on renewed customer focus

All types of industries can benefit from paying attention to customer satisfaction and loyalty strategies and restructuring them when appropriate. Recently, one major food provider illustrated this principle.

Conducting effective customer satisfaction surveys requires adaptation, evaluation

Businesses that are looking to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty might consider sending surveys to patrons after performing a service or selling them a product.

Brick-and-mortar retailers can earn loyalty customer with exclusivity, personalization

Companies are now faced with the challenge of developing more effective customer satisfaction and loyalty programs that will keep shoppers coming to brick-and-mortar stores even though ecommerce often allows them to find the same items for less online.

Companies continue putting focus on customer loyalty programs

In order to keep customers from turning to competitors or online marketplaces for better deals, businesses are putting more focus on customer loyalty programs and expanding offerings as part of their service strategies.

How retailers can stay competitive with customer service

While a few companies were early to introduce new service strategies that took advantage of cutting-edge technologies and trends, many are now playing catch up.

Businesses need to be on the lookout for customer service saboteurs

In addition to their regular strategies for customer satisfaction and loyalty, businesses need to be on the lookout for service saboteurs.

Mobile and social trends expected to speed up customer service

Consumers have become increasingly connected through social media and constant access to data through smartphones, which has led them to expect quicker responses from companies' customer service teams when an issue arises.

Online stores that earn top scores for customer service

According to ForeSee's E-Retail Satisfaction Index, Amazon, QVC, Apple, Keurig and Avon are the five websites earning the most customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Employee satisfaction equals customer satisfaction

Retailers have been feeling the pinch of ecommerce, as consumers are more often visiting their brick-and-mortar locations to browse aisles for products they will eventually purchase for lower prices online.

Brick-and-mortar retailers can offer personalized service, products to stay competitive

Many brick-and-mortar stores are worried about the growing popularity of online shopping.

Industries providing the best customer service

A recent study by Business 2 Community revealed industries that have the opportunity to provide personalized service are often ranked better in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Service strategies that make businesses successful

There are three primary factors that contribute to excellent customer service, according to Forbes. They are trust, honesty and consistency.

Improving customer relationship management on social media

It's becoming increasingly important for companies to develop and actively participate on social networks.

Stores finding innovative ways to bridge online-offline service gap

Retailers are currently struggling to develop strategies that can keep customers from going online to make purchases.

Industries that offer personalized services earn the most customer satisfaction

Developing a service strategy that leaves consumers happy earns more than customer satisfaction and loyalty, it can also help companies generate revenue.

Lexus investing in customer service initiatives

Even though Lexus took the lead in J.D. Power and Associates' customer satisfaction rankings, the company continues investing in a new strategy based on another top-ranking brand - Apple.

Engaging in a social customer service strategy

Companies are now faced with the challenge of developing a social customer service strategy or abandoning consumers where they go to engage.

Increasing revenue by decreasing online shopping cart abandonment

As retailers develop their multichannel strategies to meet the needs of today's connected consumers, they should give careful consideration to an online shopping cart program.

How customer experience earns loyalty, and vice versa

When companies dissect their customer satisfaction and loyalty strategies, they might find that the two are reliant on one another.

Adapting customer loyalty programs to attract connected customers

The loyalty programs of yesterday may not have the same draw on today's customers and brands may realize less of a return on their investments.

Airlines providing on-time service, leaving customers satisfied

AirTran Airways, which was acquired by Southwest Airlines last year, provided travelers with the best flying experience for the second year in a row.

High-quality call center support can earn loyalty and sales

Most companies do not have the right mind-set for customer call center management, writes Dr. John R. Miller for Business 2 Community.

AT&T invests in existing customers with loyalty program

Following reports that wireless providers are losing customers at an alarmingly fast rate, AT&T announced its plans for a new loyalty program designed to retain subscribers through a series of incentives, according to CNET.

Improving customer experience and revenue

Companies that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through an enhanced shopping experience might be able to boost their sales revenue at the same time, according to a new study by Forrester Research, as reported by BtoB magazine

Social media can make or break customer satisfaction

Companies and brands have learned that social media efforts can be key to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies focusing on personal service to win customers

To stay competitive with the growing ecommerce market, many retailers are trying to remind customers of their most obvious advantage - people who can provide personalized service

Customers are looking more than just the best deal

Shoppers are demanding more out of companies than just low prices to earn their customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies earn top customer loyalty ratings, or satisfaction?

Amazon, Apple, Trader Joe's and Costco were among the companies that received top ratings for customer loyalty in a Satmetrix survey.

Companies win with timely customer service

More retailers are making customer service a top priority in 2012, according to a study by STELLAservice

iPhone wins for customer satisfaction

It's not surprising that Apple's iPhone won highest customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings given that customers line up at the brand's stores for product releases.

Cable service and internet providers not meeting customer service standards

In a survey of nearly 10,000 consumers, cable TV and internet services were ranked 16th and 17th out of 18 industries, according to the Temkin Group.

Tips for improving customer satisfaction surveys

Surveying customers can be an effective way for businesses to get feed back about customer satisfaction and loyalty, however, they must be executed properly to yield quality information.

Some industries are falling short of customers' expectations

A new report compiled with information from the Better Business Bureau of Boston and various federal and state organizations reveals industries where some companies might be missing the mark for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Blending customer service and social media marketing

Facing a future of multi-channel retailing, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with a dual-purposed social media strategy that leverages customer service.

How companies can get the best return on experience

Businesses that want to encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty should consider focusing on the return on experience rather than the return on investment, according to Social Media Today

Daily deals inspiring customer loyalty

A recent study by Foresee showed that websites offering daily deals can encourage repeat business and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Grocery store increases sales with customer loyalty

It appears Kroger could be stealing customers from competitors, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Zappos maintains loyalty with customer service

Customer satisfaction and loyalty remain high for, an online shoe retailer, even after a recent security breach that left millions customers' confidential vulnerable.

Shoppers not as entranced by mobile shopping as expected

Mobile marketing and shopping has been heralded as the next retail networks spurring both brick-and-mortar storefronts and online shops to develop their own mobile strategies.

Write the customer into the mission statement

In order to keep revenues high and consumers happy, more retailers are transforming their service models with customer-centric shopping strategies.

Netflix's customer satisfaction slump offers a cautionary tale for retailers

Sometimes for businesses looking to improve their customer experience management strategies it benefits to learn their lessons from a cautionary tale.

Facebook commerce not a hit with customers or retailers

Facebook's efforts to become an online marketplace are turning out to be less effective than the site's ability to generate traffic and conversations, according to Retail Customer Experience

Retailers falling short when connecting to tablet followers

Technology is opening up opportunities and challenges for retailers seeking to improve their customer satisfaction and loyalty rates.

Social videos can boost retailers online marketing strategies and customer engagement

Social media can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty in numerous ways. However, companies shouldn't feel limited by the channel, posting only articles and conversation starting questions.

Businesses must adapt to quicker modes of customer communication

Despite an improving economy, small businesses and retailers can't afford to ignore their customer experience management strategies, as the support they offer consumers may make or break their bottom lines.

Restaurant supply company optimistic for industry

Sales volume growth for one restaurant supplier suggests restaurateurs and entrepreneurs may want to expand their eateries' customer experience management strategies to deal with a recovering market.

Seminar to discuss expectation matching

Loyalty 360's fifth annual Loyalty Expo will be held from March 18-20 this year.

JCPenney announces pricing and marketing overhaul

As brick-and-mortar retailers continue to ramp up competition with strictly ecommerce operations, they are having to reevaluate how they create customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Apparel retailers grab nine of 10 spots in customer service survey

According to a new survey, apparel retailers may not need to worry too much about their customer experience management.

Angie's List spotlights the most talked-about business sectors in 2011

For any type of retailer, keeping customers happy is analogous to keeping business doors open.

Turning Twitter into a customer service tool

Many times, a company will use Twitter to either broadcast, sell or promote a product or service, or turn it into a "personal chitchat" outlet with mundane updates that are of no value to the consumer, Business2Community reports.

Retailers hit email marketing high in 2011

Last year, retailers upped their email marketing strategies to reach out to consumers and boost their customer experience management techniques.

In the new year, 'peoplize' store operations

Every new year, scores of individuals sit down to write personal resolutions. Why should be retailers be any different?

Retailers search for strategies to pump up January business

Now that the holiday shopping season has come to an end, brick-and-mortar retailers may need to devise new strategies to keep customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Are you hiring competent workers?

Much of what constitutes customer satisfaction and loyalty hinges on the capabilities of a company's employees.

Retailers pulling out the stops for final hours of the holiday shopping season

This year, retailers got an extra present. No, not from Santa, but from the calendar.

Sears AutoCenters partner to develop mobile marketing game

As the number of smartphone owners grows, it's beome increasingly apparent for companies of all sorts to consider investing in a mobile market strategy to retain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile apps and sites are a requisite of retail strategy

Smartphones and mobile research are becoming an accepted and necessary part of holiday shoppers' arsenals, requiring retailers to create apps and tools that promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tap into consumer emotions with sonic branding

Consumers that use the basic "retail channel" of top 40 songs, typical Christmas music or dance mixes are missing out on a critical opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty - sonic branding.

Restaurateurs see increased focus on consumer interactivity and transparency

Restaurateurs are trying out new and varied ways of reaching consumers and convincing them to dine out.

Online research and exclusive deals highlight this year's shopping season

Americans can be expected to employ their mobile devices while shopping this holiday season.

Businesses may be forced to adopt innovative pricing strategy

Consumers - stricken by rising food and commodity prices, high unemployment and slow wage growth - are finding it a challenge to meet the spending numbers noted as recently as last year.

Self-checkout: Yay or nay?

You've seen them around: those self-checkout stations at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Recognizing customers may improve loyalty

One of the challenges big-name businesses struggle with is making customers feel important.

Holiday marketing begins with establishing connections

It may come as a shock to some at this point in the year, but savvy retailers and marketers are already beginning to plan for this year's holiday shopping season.

Is it time to acquire MSPA certification?

Mystery shopping has blossomed in recent decades to become a full-blown multi-national business.

Customer service vs. customer loyalty

Customer service is somewhat of an elusive term, in that almost all companies tout their credentials as being top-tier while not really providing a solid explanation of what they mean by good customer service.