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3 ways mystery shopping can improve nursing homes

Mystery shopping isn't just for retailers of consumer goods. It can help improve quality of service and customer experience across industries, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In a business where service is vitally important, you need to get every bit of information you can in order to improve your business and make the experience better for the seniors who live in your facility. Read on to learn three key ways mystery shoppers can improve your business:

1. Cleanliness of the facility
According to Mystery Shopper magazine, most mystery shoppers will actually come out to the location of the home and check it out. When doing so, they're keen to spot any uncleanliness. For family members of the residents, the sanitary nature of an assisted living facility is of the utmost importance. You can get valuable feedback about what shoppers notice as they tour the rooms and common areas.

Perspective clients are looking for a safe, clean place for their loved ones.Perspective clients are looking for a safe, clean place for their loved ones.

2. Customer service
Some mystery shoppers will also fill out a survey after calling the facility and asking a series of questions. In this way, you can get a clear sense of how your staff interacts with potential clients on the phone. Some facilities might use this information to make scripts and fact? sheets for their employees. It can be a great way to turn a simple phone inquiry into an interested customer.

Customer service on-site is another important metric to test using mystery shoppers. After their visit, they can answer questions about how welcome they felt and how effective the guides were at explaining important details.

3. Rooms and accommodations
Mystery shoppers will come ready to ask questions of your staff and they'll be eager to learn about the rooms and other accommodations you provide to senior residents. As the Alzheimer's Association noted, perspective clients will want to ask questions about furnishings, policies on personal items, decorations and privacy options. Your staff members should be able to answer all of these questions easily.

At the end of the day, your clients are looking for a safe, clean and friendly environment for their loved ones that need a little extra help. Customer service, a real caring attitude and sharp attention to detail will go a long way. Mystery shoppers can help you assess your current situation and help pinpoint areas for improvement.