Would you make a great mystery shopper?

Many people have heard about mystery shopping but don't know the ins and outs of the industry.

Many people have heard about mystery shopping but don't know the ins and outs of the industry. While a significant portion of jobs involve secret shoppers visiting retail locations or restaurants to evaluate employees' customer service, there are a wide range of companies that hire mystery shoppers.

Automotive shops, spas, movie theaters, airlines and casinos also rely on these reports to continually provide shoppers with better experiences. Brands often use the results of a mystery shop visit to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings. These jobs provide individuals with otherwise restrictive schedules the opportunity to earn a decent income on the side without committing to a rigid schedule

Since the accuracy of the reports depend on participants' discretion during visits, there are certain qualities mystery shoppers should have:

1. A great memory

When participants are selected for a mystery shopping assignment, they will receive a set of instructions that detail what they will need to look out for on their visits. This criteria might include employees' names and descriptions and the cleanliness of the premises, but it may also be more detailed. For instance, shoppers might be asked to rememeber the specific way an employee at the check-out counter phrases a question.

In addition to remember the criteria, shoppers need to keep all of this information in mind until they can leave the store and write down the information. This is critical to the accuracy of their reports.

2. Attention to detail

Since mystery shoppers are on the lookout for specific information, it's helpful if they have an eye for details. This skill can help shoppers notice whether the correct signs are posted for a promotional sale, or whether an employee's outfit complies with the company's dress code.

Great attention to specific information is also crucial in report writing, which is how providers will determine shoppers' paychecks. Paying attention to grammar and punctuation can help participants earn the most for the assignments they complete.

3. A flair for acting

While it's not necessary, acting ability can help shoppers on assignment, according to The Mystery Shopper's Manual. If participants enjoy pretending to be someone else and look forward to creating realistic scenarios, they might find mystery shopping is just the right fit.

Not all assignments will ask shoppers to come up with alternative scenarios, but some clients will require visitors to pretend they are shopping for a specific item, or act like a professional in another industry, the source adds.