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3 tools for writing great mystery shopping reports

Companies value mystery shoppers who are devoted to the work and can effectively communicate their feedback. There are several tools mystery shoppers can use to bring out the best in their writing and reporting.

1. Grammar
A study completed by KCreative, a branding and design studio based in Japan, discussed the importance of proper grammar and punctuation. Without it, writers immediately lose credibility. The firm found that despite the industry, incorrect grammar and misspellings gave off the impression that the business was unprofessional. Participants stated they would actively avoid a company with those kinds of mistakes in their pamphlets, newsletters or marketing materials. 

2. Terminology
There are countless industries mystery shoppers could encounter in their careers. Everything from food service to retail to auto mechanics to casinos is on the table. It is important that shoppers familiarize themselves not only with the industry terms associated with their shop, but also with words and phrases of the mystery shopping world itself. The Mystery Shopping Providers Association has excellent resources for common terms that are helpful when completing jobs. For example, the phrases "suggestive-selling" and "up-selling" are incredibly important and useful for a retailer worried that their employees are not promoting current specials or sales. 

3. Books
As with any profession, learning about new trends and reviewing the fundamentals will keep skills sharp. Mystery Shopper Magazine lists several literary resources shoppers can and should utilize in order to hone their voice and deliver excellent reports. While several of the books mentioned are focused on grammar and punctuation (style guides and thesauruses), the magazine recommends reading Stephen King's "On Writing," which is a combination of the best-selling author's memoir and extensive tips on writing well. 

Informative, helpful and good writing is a mystery shopper's best bet to continuing their career as a secret shopper