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6 Reasons why you should become a mystery shopper

There are tons of reasons why mystery shopping is an excellent way to spend your time and energy. If you are not sure whether or not you should join the ranks of mystery shoppers throughout the world, here are six reasons to do yourself the favor to stop debating and dive right in:

  1. Secret shoppers are all over the world - Businesses everywhere are in need of covert consumers, so there's a good chance someone in your neighborhood could use your help. Opportunities for participating in online or telephone reviews are also available, which means you might not even have to leave home to work. 
  2. Extra spending money - Mystery shoppers are paid for their services. They likely aren't able to make a living solely by mystery shopping, but they receive money in exchange for their time and reporting. They are also reimbursed for any expenses incurred directly related to the assignment. 
  3. Efficient - Most assignments take up less than one hour of the day. So, even if you feel swamped and overwhelmed with work or school, a short mystery shopping opportunity is doable. 
  4. Flexible Hours - In addition to being efficient, mystery shopping is a flexible job. You get to create your own hours and work when it best suits you. There is a ton of freedom when it comes to scheduling. Again, if your calendar is jam packed, you can always work when it doesn't conflict with your schedule. 
  5. Helpful to businesses all over - When you participate as a mystery shopper, you are helping companies improve upon their training practices and customer experience offerings. This is a job that actually contributes to results that affect you and other consumers directly.
  6. Events and conferences - The Mystery Shopping Providers Association holds conferences every year for mystery shoppers from all over the globe. These conferences are an excellent opportunity for networking, socializing and learning. Students, professionals and retirees can always benefit from expanding their resources and having new experiences.