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Good mystery shopping jobs for seniors

Seniors are some of the best mystery shoppers out there, but choosing the right mystery shopping jobs is important if you want to do your job well. While some mystery shoppers can take on any job and do a believable job of pretending to just be your everyday, average shopper, not everyone can do that. Part of becoming a good mystery shopper is picking the jobs that are right for you. It's understandable that you won't always be able to find the perfect mystery shopper job, but you should look for the ones that fit you best.

Automotive mystery shopping for seniors
Seniors are some of the best mystery shoppers for the automotive industry. Most seniors have been through automotive-related purchases before, so they can spend less time focusing on the actual purchase and more time paying attention to the details of the shop or dealership they are shopping at. Because being able to pay attention to details is so important in mystery shopping, anything that allows you to give more attention to your mystery shopping duties is a good thing. Seniors should use any automotive industry purchasing experience to their advantage when on a mystery shopping job. 

Hotel mystery shopping for seniors
Hotels are another great mystery shopping job for seniors. Most hotel mystery shopping experiences are positive ones and the jobs can actually be pretty fun. Obviously, you still have to do everything that is required and get your report in on time, but if the job itself can be enjoyable, why not take it. According to AARP, David Blosser quit his job to pursue a career as a mystery shopper. One of the main reasons for becoming a mystery shopper was to stay in nice hotels and dine in fine restaurants. While you probably won't get the really nice jobs right off the bat, if you're consistently doing a good job, you'll eventually get better opportunities. 

Age specific products
Certain mystery shopping jobs shouldn't be done by anyone but a senior. Companies that target senior citizens as their main customer should only have seniors as mystery shoppers. Anyone else could easily blow their cover and botch the job. In this way, seniors are sometimes superior mystery shoppers than other demographics. Common mystery shopping jobs that can only be done by seniors include, healthcare, retirement homes and assisted care services.